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Introducing the Mews Commander PMS.

We automate your hospitality operation from the cloud and help supercharge your revenues. It's so intuitive and easy to use it's grandma proof.

The nervous system of your property

A PMS. A booking engine. A concierge. A payment gateway. A kiosk. A housekeeping app. And more. All in one.

Why Mews?

Great Design

Slick and intuitive design cuts the need for staff training while guests love how easy it is to use

Designers are a core part of our team and a design ideology runs throughout all our products and ensures that every screen, button and input field serves to make Mews the most user-friendly PMS available.

Some examples:

Less clutter leads to less confusion and improves data input.

Well designed screens means less training for new employees.

Increased conversion in the booking engine via seamless flows.

A focus on the information that matters when providing personal customer service.

Easy Integrations

Our open platform lets you plug in any of your favourite apps, tools or services in minutes

Thanks to our open API our Mews Marketplace is brimming with innovative integrations that can help optimise your property and inspire your guests.

Some examples:

Channel Manager: deliver bookings, update your rates and automatically update your availability while you focus on caring for your guests.

Revenue Management: connect your revenue system using a two-way connection and supercharge your hotel revenue strategies.

Upselling: help drive incremental revenue using eye-catching applications that target your customers with special offers and promotions.

Marketing Automation: integrate your marketing solution to help improve marketing results with perfectly targeted and automated targeted campaigns.


Wherever you are, manage your operations from any device and at anytime

We appreciate that your team shouldn't be glued to a reception desk so, with our system that works on any device with an internet browser, you can finally be free to serve your guests whenever and from wherever.

Some examples:

iOS and Android Housekeeping and Maintenance Application with access to all reservations and their relevant information.

Guest Concierge Application allowing online check-in, messaging and ordering of services.

Make revenue management decisions from anywhere and at any time.

Keep an eye on performance when you are away from the property.

Cloud based

The cloud keeps your system freshly updated and constantly in sync without the need for expensive IT

Most properties will soon be operating from the cloud, resulting in an unprecedented wave of innovation and optimisation that is already driving down costs, boosting revenue and leaving customers much happier.

Some examples:

No need to maintain an expensive local server that is constantly at risk of failure.

Run your properties from anywhere in the world using just an internet connection.

Gather better information by allowing guests to check-in online prior to arrival.

Save time and money by seamlessly integrating with a multitude of other cloud solutions.

Online Check-in

Guests prefer to check in online and that frees you up to serve them that little bit extra

Give your guests the option to complete their registration cards and credit card details before arrival so they can skip the queues at reception and get into their rooms faster.

Some examples:

Maintain a cleaner and more powerful guest database as travelers fill in their own personal details.

Automate payments using a tokenised payment solution that creates a seamless guest experience.

Lower the amount of no-shows thanks to smart reminders that help nudge customers with bookings.

Go completely mobile by integrating an innovative door locking solution that sends room keys to guests via SMS or e-mail.

Simplify Payments

Mews automates all payments to deliver a cardless and Uber-esque experience for guests

Using our tokenised payment solution, Mews properties can automate payments and stay on top of compliance so your team can focus on making sure guests enjoy their stay instead of worrying about transactional headaches.

Some examples:

Take payment for reservations prior to arrival and lower your average check-in time by 40%.

Send receipts to your guests automatically and electronically and cut your number of chargebacks and printing costs.

Exceptional reporting within Mews allows you to balance and reconcile your bank account in minutes rather than hours.

Refund customers with just the click of a button.

Mews Marketplace

A world of apps, tools and services at your fingertips.


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