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Our story

We founded Mews in 2012 because, as hoteliers ourselves, the open PMS we needed for our properties didn’t exist and we were tearing our hair out in frustration with the usual hotel software suspects.

So we started building our own PMS with the ambitious dream of engineering a slick and cloud-based platform that actually worked and could usher our properties into the future

Fast forward to a year later and the Commander PMS was finally ready and we switched on our first hotel at the award-winning Emblem hotel in our home town of Prague…

It quickly became clear that we had hit a nerve in the industry and requests for demos of our PMS started arriving thick and fast at our tiny windowless office of just 5 people. It turned out hotels across the Czech Republic were, just like we were, desperate for a dynamic and open system with easy and affordable access to any integration, that was fully mobile-optimised, that had an integrated payment solution, that featured online check-in and that allowed guests to directly connect to staff via their own devices.

Suddenly, our hoteliers’ businesses were unleashed – costs and inefficiencies tumbled, bookings and revenue climbed, the need for staff training was drastically reduced and guests became inspired and empowered. But it didn’t stop there, soon we had expanded across Europe and beyond...

Today, we have offices around the world with a team of over 300 people and are helping revolutionise the hospitality industry in more than 45 countries. Hundreds of properties, from hotels to hostels to campsites, are plugging in Mews software and finally getting access to a world of apps and automation without all those old frustrations. Oh, and, we are only just getting started…

Mews Values
Our values are the embodiment of everything that defines Mews, from the way we make decisions to the more than 250+ people that form our team. Scroll through to uncover the Mews values!

"It means to think big! Accept the challenge and want to deliver the best possible solution no matter how much effort it takes or how impossible it may seem."

- Pavla, Finance Director
"It's being open to learn and teach. It's the ability to adjust to new challenges and to initiate them. It's not an excuse for being reckless."

- Jan, Community Manager
"For me, grit is about pushing through adversity, willing to work whole weekend, pulling off an all-nighter if necessary or sacrificing your own comfort in order to achieve some bigger goal. However, it's not that difficult to do this when you love your work."

- Honza, CTO
"To be kind at Mews is the attitude/art of giving without expecting something in return. It’s having an open heart and taking the time on your busiest day to listen to others. To be kind is to be simultaneously polite, reliable and genuinely happy to help others to succeed. "

- Marta, Account Manager
"To me, it means that you have freedom to experiment with things. You can take some time and money to try something new, if it doesn't work then you won't be shot."

- Adam, Product Manager
Mews is not only an innovative PMS software that's out to revolutionize the hospitality industry, but also a great company to work for. We're currently looking to fill a number of roles all across the world.

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A Mews property is never far away...

With Mews now in more than 45 countries and across 5 continents, our software is quickly conquering the hearts of hoteliers and guests around the world. Why not be the next hotel to join our family?