Automate this!

How to juice up your property with
the right integrations

Automate when? 

We’ve put together a workshop to end all workshops about how to juice up your property with the right integrations…
What: ‘Automate this!’ workshop
When: 9.30am – 4pm, 9th of July 2019 
Where: The Dylan, Amsterdam

Automate why?

Imagine magically getting back hours of your precious time each day?  And then imagine, at the same time, somehow drastically boosting the guest experience with an insanely dynamic and hyper-personalised stay that blows guests away…and all without lifting a finger…

Automate what?

Here’s three of our favourite automations right now from our Marketplace maestro Adam:

Automate who?

Don’t just listen to us.. Check out how some of our awesome Mewsers around the world- from hotels to hostels to apartments- are automating their repetitive tasks to transform their properties and focus on the guest experience instead!
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