Why Oracle Must Hate Oracle Hospitality

Our Founder, Richard Valtr, writes about why software giant Oracle and Larry Ellison must hate their hospitality division…


Designing a Modern PMS for the Modern Hotelier

A post in which we liken our dashboard to Boticelli and other PMS systems to the work of the Abstract Expressionists…


“Let’s ignore mobile – what’s the worst that can happen?”

This month for the first time in history, more websites were viewed on mobile devices than desktops. What advantages can you, as a hotelier take from this development? 


We Upgraded our Booking Engine. You’d Never Believe What Happened Next…

The point about conversions online, is that they will only happen if you go out of your way not to introduce moments of doubt or data-entry fatigue (“Oh, I have to go and get my passport for this part? Urgh, well, maybe I should just do the booking on…”), just like in real life. The more you treat your online space as if it were a conversation, the more bookings you will receive, and that is also why you should be looking at what your overall conversion is on all of your online channels and learn from where it is perhaps higher


Hostels: the Mariage of AirBnb and Hotels?

We see the wave of professionalisation of Airbnbs upon us, and while these would-be micro-hoteliers look to get their heads around the complexities of brand-building and local regulation, we look to hosteliers as those who will ultimately provide the world with brands that offer a full breadth of management – cooperation with local landlords, Airbnbs, dorms, rooms, apartments, beds, and also (in the future) co-working spaces and unorthodox meeting rooms.


The Future of Hospitality

Where we see hospitality software moving in the near future – toward enabling human connections, rather than letting technology become a barrier in helping customers and hoteliers closer.


Drive More Conversions and Direct Bookings with Promotion Codes

Hotels can drive significantly more direct business on their booking engine, by clever usage of landing pages with customised content. Here’s a quick how-to-guide to help you get going.


Mews and Copenhagen’s Urban House Take a Step Towards Becoming a Fully Automated Hotel

At Urban House, the Mews Commander™ ensures that guests do not pass through a reception, instead a series of messages (bots) lead them to check in from the comfort of their phone. When their room is ready, they receive a special pin code for their door and are able to connect with the reception desk through their phone for any requests. Payment is taken safely and securely without a physical card, and when the guest has checked out, the Mews Commander™ informs the housekeeping staff to get the room ready for the next arrival, making sure that the task has been carried out.