Author: Sara Arzan


HITEC 2019 Recap | Not so high tech after all... [Mewscast]

We recap what went to down at HITEC 2019. The event is billed as America’s premiere hospitality tech event but it was disappointingly low on the tech.

The 9 Best Hotel Channel Managers in 2019

Finding the best channel manager can feel overwhelming so we’ve cut through the weeds for you and put together a run-down of our top nine for 2019...

"Our housekeeping uses Mews every single day, every single minute" | room2 Testimonial

The Mews dashboard is quick, simple, easy to look at. You always know exactly how many people are left to check-in, check-out or in house.

Facial Recognition for Hoteliers

Constantly having to log back in to your PMS while chatting to guests and colleagues? We've got you covered with another awesome innovation...