Behind the Scenes: Hotel BIG MAMA feat MountLytics

We know Hotel BIG MAMA as the unicorn of multi-category accommodation, but last year their Berlin property also hosted the pilot of Mews’ integration with MountLytics, a super smart CRM solution.

To find out more about the roll-out of this exciting partnership we caught up with David-F. Henning (CEO of Hotel BIG MAMA) and Carina Stegmayer (Head of Customer Success Management & Advisory Services)…

David-F. Henning
David-F. Henning - CEO of Hotel BIG MAMA

David...let’s begin by talking about Hotel BIG MAMA’s side of the experience.

Please tell us about being able to use the MountLytics platform to set up automated communication with data pulled directly from Mews.

It really is super handy and easy to use.  We tried out several different systems, and in some we had to export the data from Mews and then import it into the other system to be able to use it.  What’s great about open APIs is that different systems can communicate with each other.

Was it easy to install and set up?

Extremely!  All I had to do was choose the integration in the Mews Marketplace, click on “request connection”, and that was it!  The connection was ready within minutes, with Mews and the integration provider taking care of most of the configuration.  

I was deliberately looking for easy-to-use integrations such as MountLytics, which would really add value to my PMS.

How do your guests react to receiving personalised emails?

In a similar way as to being able to check-in online: some are a bit confused, but the majority are happy and appreciate being given the option.

It all comes down to content, content and content!  If you just bombard your guests with unnecessary information they will be annoyed and uninterested.

If you focus on good storytelling and sharing useful information, you can add value.  I’d like to add that I am not doing this all alone; MountLytics, UpsellGuru and Mews are all helpful and offer good input!

Thanks to MountLytics we now have an open rate of 80%.

What are the positives of using this tool for your staff?

What are the top questions guests frequently ask when checking in?

> “What’s the WIFI password?”

> “How do I get to..?”

> ”Is the reception open 24/7?”

If we can communicate this key information in a nice pre-stay email we avoid having to repeat the classics 50 times a day. 

In turn, this makes my staff more relaxed and open to sharing nice tips and engaging in real conversation with our guests, rather than just the typical hotel chat.  This underlines our goal of not being “just another hotel” out there.

Do you have any interesting numbers to share with regards to your usage of MountLytics?

We started from scratch and had no data at all, so we really had to get to know the environment and experiment a lot.  Thanks to Mountlytics’ knowledge we found our way really fast and now have an open rate of 80% and a click rate of 25%.  With UpsellGuru we get a few thousand extra every month.

What if you could supercharge your PMS with powerful tools and apps..?

You can! The Mews Marketplace is full of them!

And over to you Carina, please tell us about MountLytics’ experience with Hotel BIG MAMA and Mews…

Carina Stegmayer - MountLytics
Carina Stegmayer - MountLytics' Head of Customer Success Management & Advisory Services

What made Mews so appealing when you were looking for a PMS via which to pilot MountLytics?

I would break it down into two main factors: the people behind Mews and the API.  Thanks to both, the time period between the first contact and us being able to connect, test, and finally go live with the first pilot property (Hotel BIG MAMA in Berlin) was super short.

The integrations team always helped us immediately.  With the vast majority of other PMS, such a fast pace would not have been possible.  Furthermore, the fact that we were given access to a demo account helped us a lot in improving our product.

From that day onwards we’ve been proudly integrating Mews into our product demos to show the interaction of both solutions.

Did the integration process go as expected?

The integration was very fast, both from a Customer Success point of view, and for our IT team. Furthermore, the integration of our “second” Mews hotel after the pilot took just minutes on the tech side, and only a few hours on the customer success side.

This was absolutely above expectations, particularly when comparing to other established PMS solutions out there on the market.

Open platforms allow hotels to build tech landscapes that suit their needs.

Is the fact that we’re an open platform advantageous when it comes to accessing a hotel’s guest data in their PMS?

Definitely, and for us it’s the only way that makes sense for the future.  We’re just one solution, and there are tons of others out there.

At the same time, the hospitality industry is so heterogenous that hotels should be able to decide for themselves which technical solutions are best suited to their guests and their property.

As such, the open platform is both a technological advantage which allows solutions to integrate more smoothly, AND a way for hotels to build a tech landscape that actually suits their needs.

Why do open platforms do it better?

Our easy-to-follow guide explains everything you need to know...

You claim to be “the simplest CRM for hotels” - why should we believe this statement?

The proof would be to perform the same task in a bunch of different CRM solutions and then judge to see which one allows this task to be successfully performed with the most ease and in the shortest amount of time, delivering at least the same (or better) results.  I am very sure that our solution would rank in a top position.

A good example would be to set up an automated and personalised on-stay email to all first-time English speaking guests at 9pm on the day of check-in.  After the initial setup, enabling this automation would require just a few clicks.  

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