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Generate extra revenue for no added cost with HotelFlex

Generate extra revenue for no added cost? Sounds pretty good to us and it’s why HotelFlex are killing it on our new plug-and-play marketplace.

Revenue Management

No More Manual Reporting

Are you still laboriously running reports by Excel everyday? Or worse still, are you still doing it by hand? It’s time to get automated…

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Boosting Yield with Mews and Hotel Scienz

We are excited to announce that Mews Systems and Xotels are collaborating to make revenue management great again!

Revenue Management

How to Find the Right Price

90 percent of the world’s hotel properties still don’t use a proper revenue management solution despite the potential revenue uplift it could give of over 20 percent. Why? Because it is hard to do. To do it right, hundreds of thousands of pricing decisions would need to be taken every year. Curiously, those 90 percent […]

Revenue Management

Overcoming the Challenges of Revenue Management in Hostels

A revenue manager’s role is like playing financial Tetris in that you are trying to smooth out your inventory, leave no inventory free across any bed category (this will ensure people get rates and availability returned when searching 4 or more nights), knowing when to sell a bed as a bed category, keep enough rooms for the groups department, group together bed bookings to ensure rooms stay on sale…the list goes on!