I recently read an online story where I found out that actual robots are running Hotel reception desks in Japan, not just any Robot, a Dinosaur Robot! Now although this gimmick would initially be a novelty, I’m not sure that when I can’t connect to the Wi-Fi or I’ve locked myself out of the safe in my room that said Dinosaur would be able to assist me to find a resolution to my problem. I find that although they have made a stand and gone with actual Robots to run their desks, Reception desks worldwide are already filled with Robotic sounding team members!

Through my time in Hospitality and the many front desks I’ve called my home I’ve always tried to lead the team away from the monotone, robotic and generic questioning that befalls Hotel guests globally. Does the receptionist really care how your journey was? How many times have they asked for Credit card details for pre-authorisation already today? Passport Number – It’s a legal requirement Sir! Have you ever been to a Hotel where they have greeted you with a genuinely warm welcome, cut out the generic robot phrases and pointed you in the direction of maximising the Hotels facilities and services?


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Hotels who have Concierge departments who are a wealth of knowledge of the local area, can make suggestions tailor made to your requirements and ensure you make the most of your time with them. But what if your Hotel doesn’t have this department, How do you incorporate a Concierge experience when you don’t have the resources?

To quote Richard, our founder;

“Back in 2012, when Mews started, we had a wild dream of building a hotel platform that was fully mobile-optimised with an integrated payment solution, online check-in/out, based in the cloud. We wanted our own concierge app, that connected the hotel staff to their guests, allowing direct connections and making guests feel valued, kindling true and personal experiences”


Taking this all into account we came up with the Mews Navigator App.

We’ve built a virtual Concierge, an iOS app that lets you communicate seamlessly with your guests while simultaneously acting as a personalised viewpoint to whatever city you’re in. No matter the length of their trip, whether a short break, cultural escape or business-related, the Navigator is the essential guide that makes sure you are providing the concierge experience for your guest without actually having a concierge department in house!

The Navigator is linked to the Mews Commander PMS, so no more manual imports and exports of guest data and ensures you can maximise the many features, Online Check-in, City Guides, Messaging and a listing for your complete Hotel Services, which is also multilingual, even if your guests do not speak the local language they can still order Room Service in their own native tongue!

Online Check-in gives the hotelier an exceptional advantage in data collection, (Another blog topic altogether) we have been fortunate that in recent years the Aviation sector has forced us as consumers to enter our details pre-flight to ensure that they know who is flying with them, We’ve done this (not as forcefully – it’s still an optional feature, but we’ve seen that 40% of guests presented with the option to check-in online do so!) to ensure that we collect the generic answers to the robotic questions before a guest arrives at your property. This helps you really create a bespoke experience where guests are greeted with a truly personal touch. You will have already been able to build rapport with said guests through the messaging feature, and ultimately pre-planned their preferences or made arrangements for special occasions – a perfect pre-arrival up-selling tool.

The Navigator is empowering Hotels globally to ensure that every guest who walks through your doors remember their experience for all the right reasons. Together with our Hotel and Hostel partners, Mews are ridding the Hospitality world of robot receptionists one dinosaur at a time.

Now, If I could just get your Name, Address, Vehicle registration, Birthday, star sign and Wine preference I’ll check if your room is ready.



Craig Bonafont – Sales Manager


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