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Generate extra revenue for no added cost with HotelFlex

Generate extra revenue for no added cost? Sounds pretty good to us and it’s why HotelFlex are killing it on our new plug-and-play marketplace.

Tech PSD2 Featured

PSD2 guide for hoteliers

Everyone’s confused about PSD2 so dive into our freshly released guide for hoteliers and don’t miss the September 14 EU legislation deadline.


Microsoft x Mews: Building hospitality technology together

Mews founder Richard Valtr was onstage at the Microsoft Inspire conference this summer to chat about the origins of his PMS revolution, Microsoft’s role in supporting Mews from idea to rollout, and the limitless possibilities for future innovation.

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6 learnings for hoteliers from AirBnB

There’s a lot hoteliers can learn from Airbnb and its success in recent years. We’ve put together some of the top points to inspire your next steps.


Life After GDPR: How Mews Thinks About Privacy

At Mews, we believe that privacy is a fundamental right. Here we explain why, and also reveal how we’re going beyond GDPR to simplify data controllership…


​A Painless PMS Switch – Dream or Reality?

We estimate that 90% of the hospitality industry today is locked into legacy PMS solutions. One of the major reasons why these hoteliers do not migrate to something more modern, is the fear of change and the potential downside of the switch not bringing substantial improvements and cost savings.


7 Ways How Hotels Can Instantly Improve Sales by Cleverly Using their Guest Data

When I first started in a commercial role in hotels about 10 years ago, I remember the data-gaps in our knowledge, based on which we had to make serious business decisions. Some of the interesting things I remember that came up from our PMS reports…