The Hidden Rising Costs of OTAs

Hotels are paying the price for inadequate security, and largely further enriching the OTAs in the process. We would like to expose one of their latest endeavors which has raised commission costs by 2% for hotels accepting Virtual Credit Cards.


Hostels: the Mariage of AirBnb and Hotels?

We see the wave of professionalisation of Airbnbs upon us, and while these would-be micro-hoteliers look to get their heads around the complexities of brand-building and local regulation, we look to hosteliers as those who will ultimately provide the world with brands that offer a full breadth of management – cooperation with local landlords, Airbnbs, dorms, rooms, apartments, beds, and also (in the future) co-working spaces and unorthodox meeting rooms.


The Future of Hospitality

Where we see hospitality software moving in the near future – toward enabling human connections, rather than letting technology become a barrier in helping customers and hoteliers closer.


Housekeeping: Improve Departmental Productivity and the Guest Experience

At Mews, we have developed the Mews Commander App which works alongside our PMS solution to further increase the productivity of the Housekeeping department. Getting rooms inspected faster, allows guests to access their rooms earlier… resulting in happier guests.