“Our housekeeping uses Mews every single day, every single minute” | room2 Testimonial

The Mews dashboard is quick, simple, easy to look at. You always know exactly how many people are left to check-in, check-out or in house.


7 Changes to Make an Instant Improvement Across Every Department

Since we’re hoteliers, we wanted to design our PMS in a way that it would not only be a partner for your operational flow, but utilising the power of a connected data infrastructure, becoming also a partner for your business analysis…


Checking-In: Receptionist or Robot?

Through my time in Hospitality and the many front desks I’ve called my home I’ve always tried to lead the team away from the monotone, robotic and generic questioning that befalls Hotel guests globally. Does the receptionist really care how your journey was? How many times have they asked for Credit card details for pre-authorisation already today?


Housekeeping: Improve Departmental Productivity and the Guest Experience

At Mews, we have developed the Mews Commander App which works alongside our PMS solution to further increase the productivity of the Housekeeping department. Getting rooms inspected faster, allows guests to access their rooms earlier… resulting in happier guests.