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Generate extra revenue for no added cost with HotelFlex

Generate extra revenue for no added cost? Sounds pretty good to us and it’s why HotelFlex are killing it on our new plug-and-play marketplace.

Tech PSD2 Featured

PSD2 guide for hoteliers

Everyone’s confused about PSD2 so dive into our freshly released guide for hoteliers and don’t miss the September 14 EU legislation deadline.


Microsoft x Mews: Building hospitality technology together

Mews founder Richard Valtr was onstage at the Microsoft Inspire conference this summer to chat about the origins of his PMS revolution, Microsoft’s role in supporting Mews from idea to rollout, and the limitless possibilities for future innovation.

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6 learnings for hoteliers from AirBnB

There’s a lot hoteliers can learn from Airbnb and its success in recent years. We’ve put together some of the top points to inspire your next steps.


HITEC 2019 Recap | Not so high tech after all… [Mewscast]

We recap what went to down at HITEC 2019 in Minneapolis. The event is billed as America’s premiere hospitality tech event but it was disappointingly low on the tech.


Life After GDPR: How Mews Thinks About Privacy

At Mews, we believe that privacy is a fundamental right. Here we explain why, and also reveal how we’re going beyond GDPR to simplify data controllership…


“The Mews Timeline Makes Managing Housekeeping Duties Very Easy” | Bristol Sunset Beach Testimonial

Bristol Sunset Beach’s Sales Manager, Christina, talks timelines, automation, and finding a PMS capable of keeping up with their growth…


“The Mews Merchant Allows us to put Unsold Beds Back on the Market” | Ostello Bello Testimonial

Ostello Bello’s Chief Communication Officer, Michele Azzoni, on saying goodbye to lost revenues and using the Mews Merchant to reduce human error…


“Our housekeeping uses Mews every single day, every single minute” | room2 Testimonial

The Mews dashboard is quick, simple, easy to look at. You always know exactly how many people are left to check-in, check-out or in house.


Facial Recognition for Hoteliers

Constantly having to log back in to your PMS while chatting to guests and colleagues? We’ve got you covered with another awesome innovation…