Transparency: The Final Frontier in PMS Sales [Mewscast]

Frictionless internal communication is what creates the “magic” guests feel when entering a well-run hotel. But there are some departments that have an intrinsically high level of miscommunication and misunderstanding that, if not corrected, can lead to open rivalry and blame games between employees whenever things hit the proverbial fan. The traditionally turbulent relationship between the front office and housekeeping department is too often the headline act and, as with any sibling rivalry, is based entirely on the quality of communication between the two.

The decision to change property management systems for many hotels can be a daunting affair to say the least. Data migration, changes in operational processes and the inefficiency to re-train staff are just a few of the major concerns which hotels and hostels raise when switching to a new PMS. In fairness, these reluctancies are understandable, considering the implementation process which many PMS providers currently offer. The lack of transparency within the industry arguably formulates these barriers. Lengthy on-boarding processes, lack of support training and most importantly no demo environment further cements that fear of stepping into the unknown. Why many PMS providers do not promote this sense of openness is disconcerting, especially in an environment where change is so reluctant. However, hotels need to understand that switching to a new property management system can be a lot easier than one may think. In this episode of Mewscast, Richard, Matt and Greg explain how to change these perceptions within the hospitality industry and what needs to be done in order to encourage properties to take the leap of faith. Their insights brandish the importance of providing a demo environment and promote why showcasing that there is nothing to hide is the way forward in order to distill the sense of fear which many properties still have when looking to switch. Giving the opportunity for all divisions of the hotel to live and breathe the software prior to going live allows staff to learn the new system and explore the full extent of it’s capabilities, making the transition a more comfortable process for all. Furthermore, the trio settle existing misconceptions surrounding data migration, re-training and on-boarding, explaining how quick and easy this process actually is to implement in just under a few days.

Richard Valtr grew up in family of Hotel Investors and Management. He founded Mews Systems upon discovering there was no suitable PMS product on the market when working as a project manager building a new hotel in the centre of Prague.

Matthijs Welle is the CEO of Mews Systems and has 15 years hospitality experience. Matthijs graduated from Hilton’s world renowned ‘Elevator Program’ and was previously the Director of Sales for Eastern Europe and Russia with Hilton.

Greg Naidoo is a hotelier with over 10 years experience from Fairmont Hotels, Walt Disney Resorts, Handpicked Hotels, Nadler Hotels, and Generator Hostels. At Mews, Greg looks after Revenue, Sales, Marketing, Strategic Partnerships and Hotel Expansion.