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We always try to record our webinars, so that you can return here, and watch back a webinar if you accidentally missed it. 


Webinar - Turn Lookers Into Bookers

By Luc Lammers / Sales Manager 

Let’s be honest, if you’ve visited the Internet lately, it’s not hard to find AdWords ads from Booking.com, Expedia or TripAdvisor. Big spenders! But how can hotels benefit from the Billboard effect that OTA's provide them with? Luc shares some key lessons for hoteliers who want to build a killer website that converts.

Webinar - Mews Merchant

By matthijs Welle / CEO

What innovation and automation does the Mews Merchant bring to hotels? This video will shortly explain how the integration works, and the key benefits of the Mews Payment Integration.

Webinar - Hostels: Maximize your Bed Inventory with Mews

By Matthijs Welle / CEO

Hostels function completely different from hotels, and a PMS should be custom built for this segment of accommodation providers to give them the flexibility to optimize sales and service across all channels. This 45 minute webinar explains some of the challenges hostels face when using a traditional hotel solution.

A Webinar with the Founders - The Vision of Mews

By Matthijs Welle & Richard Valtr - Founders

Join Matthijs and Richard, the founders of Mews in a Webinar, where they talk about their vision of Mews and how it gives hoteliers the freedom to create superior, and personal guest experiences.