PMS and Hospitality SaaS Customer Support is Broken

Scott Moran our COO writes: ‘Property management software providers have all but forgotten what the final ‘S’ in SaaS actually stands for – ‘service’.’

Opinion/Editorial 2019 Hospitality Trends

Hospitality Trends to Watch in 2019

What’s going to make waves and drive business this year? Immersion, automation, personalisation, AI, voice, and frictionless, guest-focused experiences…


Why Oracle Must Hate Oracle Hospitality

Our Founder, Richard Valtr, writes about why software giant Oracle and Larry Ellison must hate their hospitality division…


The Pointless Stuff Hotels Still Do

Does your hotel suffer from any of these old-school traditions?

Opinion/Editorial Mews open platform

Why Open Platforms Do It Better

With today’s pace of technological change, it’s vital for hotels to be plugged into an ecosystem of products that is constantly evolving and adapting…


An Open Letter to the OTAs : are you the dinosaurs now?

The best companies grow by listening to their partners. It’s never too late to change…


Hotel Trends Transforming the Guest Experience in 2018

Future trends transforming the hotel guest experience that you should be on top of.


The Best of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close we wanted to look back and reflect on our fifth year at Mews and how far we have come in our mission to change the landscape of the hotel software industry. In 2012 we started as a tiny team of five passionate hoteliers and software developers punching in code […]


Allotments – Demand Your Release Now!

I wanted to come clean about a stance Mews have taken concerning allotments and lay out our case as to why we don’t believe in them nor support them. Our lack of support of allotments is, by a distance, the biggest point of friction we have had when onboarding hotels so it’s been something on […]


Why your Hotel Should be Thinking Like a Start-Up

Hotels are still wasting both money and time on tasks that, in 2017, should be automated. But how can we identify these ancient pain points and what can we do to fix them?