We believe that the best technology is discrete, helpful, unobtrusive and sleek, like the finest hosts and concierges in our industry.


We believe that if you let people look after people, and you let technology look after the admin, the world will be a much more hospitable place. This is why we're building tools that encourage real connections with your guests.

Where it all Started

Back in 2012, when Mews started, we had a wild dream of building a hotel platform that was fully mobile-optimised with an integrated payment solution, online check-in/out, based in the cloud. We wanted our own concierge app, that connected the hotel staff to their guests, allowing direct connections and making guests feel valued, kindling true and personal experiences.

Defying The Odds

We were told time and again, that we were over-reaching, we had to narrow our product selection, that to build what we want to build is too hard for a small startup; too many old, well-established companies in the space - that the industry is too conservative and resistant to change - that open system with API's aren't something the industry is keen on - and on and on... And so we've just waved those fears away, kept working and building... 3 years on, we've built the Mews Commander, the most advanced cloud hotel system on the market, as well as a host of other products and services in the Mews family. 

Read more about our crazy journey, during which we defied the giants in the industry and proved them wrong:

A Mews Property is never far away...

If you would like us to put you in touch with any of our hoteliers, let us know and we will be happy to facilitate a meeting so that you can experience our system through the eyes of our clients.

With hotels and hostels live in 32 countries on 5 continents, Mews is quickly conquering the hearts of hoteliers and guests around the world. Keep a close eye on our growth, and who knows, maybe you will be the next hotel to join the family.