Austrian Cash Register Requirement (RKSV) – de

Austrian Cash Registers
Security Regulation (RKSV)

With RKSV-compliance built into our PMS, Mews helps you save time and money (while also future-proofing your property!).

No more paper receipts & no additional hardware

Save time & manpower

Free staff up to add real value

What’s RKSV and why is it important?

Cash Registers Security Regulation (RKSV) came into effect on 1 April 2017. The regulation mandates that every cash receipt must be digitally signed. RKSV compliance is necessary in order to operate a business in Austria.

“Only certificates issued by qualified trust service providers may be used for signing. The cash register certificate issued by A-Trust meets all the legal requirements. The signatures created with this certificate are generated on the basis of a procedure that complies with the law using a secure signature creation device.”

How it works

Mews partners with A-Trust, the market leader in issuing cash register certificates in Austria.

Our implementations team assists with integration setup with you by our side.

After the initial setup, everything works in the background, with QR codes that house digital receipts being automatically generated and signed for all invoices.

Your property will be fully Registrierkasse compliant, adhering to Austrian Chamber of Commerce guidelines. That’s it!

The old way

Without digital cash receipts systems, RKSV compliance is completed manually. Hotels must spend money on fiscal printers, and precious time and money is lost by the need to register each invoice separately and double check the information for accuracy.

The new way

Hotels submit digital cash receipts with the click of a button. After a simple initial setup, the process is completely automated and RKSV fiscal requirements are executed digitally. Everyone wins.

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