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Built by a team of designers, developers, hoteliers AND most importantly customers. Having observed feedback from all angles, we have rebuilt our Booking Engine in 2016, and it can now handle a multitude of different environments. Below are 3 samples of the most common scenarios, just to give you some inspiration

Independent Hotel.jpg

Independent Hotels

The aim was to make booking a room as fast and easy as possible. We removed all possible friction points along the booking path, which resulted in a booking engine that converts beautifully on both desktop and mobile. Implementation is quick and seamless.


Multi Property 

When a hotel company has multiple hotels, sometimes in the same city, its important to show availability across all hotels simultaneously. That is why we built a custom engine for Hotel Chains, to ensure customers get to see your hotels at one glance, ensuring a seamless booking process.



Hostels are not Hotels, they have their own unique setup, offering customers the option between booking a bed in a dorm, or booking a private room, or booking a group. We built in all the flexibility, without losing any of the ease of booking for guests. We thing we succeeded.