Free trial test drive

Finally, the best PMS trial of all time...

Password: jointherevolution
Select property type top right corner - The Solutions Hotel or Elizabeth's Hostel.

Feeling more advanced?

The guest experience is at the core of what we do so, to get the most out of your free trial,
we recommend using the Mews platform like a hotel guest would.
So try making a booking as if you were a guest, checking in online and then finding the
reservation in the PMS as if you were a receptionist. Here is a quick walk-through:
Make a booking
  1. Select your property type: Hotel or Hostel
  2. Make a reservation using today's date
  3. Use guest details - John Legend & email address
  4. Use cards details - 4111 1111 1111 1111 expires 08/18 CVV 123
Check in online
  1. The guest would receive a confirmation email with a link to check-in online but for this exercise you can click here
  2. Login with the username - sample-admin and the password - sample
  3. Complete the online check-in steps
Find the reservation
  1. Go to Demo
  2. Username - sample-admin Password - sample
  3. Select property type top right corner - Grand Hotel Amsterdam or Lounge Hostel
  4. On the Search bar type John Legend to find the reservation that you just created

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