Your hostel at a glance

As hosteliers ourselves, we know how important it is for the whole team to stay informed. With Mews, you can see the status of all departments from a simple dashboard. Instantly see how reception, reservations, housekeeping, and maintenance are performing. We believe in great design and keeping things simple, ensuring that new team members quickly find their way around the system without excessive training and mistakes.

Selling dorms and beds is key to running a hostel
Selling dorms and beds is key to running a hostel
Selling dorms and beds is key to running a hostel

For hostels, it's very important to have a flexible inventory, allowing you to sell individual beds to backpackers, entire dorms for groups, or private rooms for couples. With Mews you have complete control over your inventory, which includes great reporting to measure your success.

Flexible reports to make sense of your business

Reports should be super flexible, allowing you to slice and dice your business, interpret trends, and take advantage of all opportunities. All our reports export to macro friendly excel files, and through our intuitive report scheduler, you can have reports delivered to you automatically.

Easy integrations for busy hosteliers

Let your computers do the hard work, while you serve your guests. It's possible to integrate pretty much anything into the Mews API. Historically, hostels have always been behind the curve in technology innovation, but some of the early hosteliers that joined Mews have really embraced the great integrations opportunities, such as revenue management, up-selling prior to arrival, channel management, and automatic payment gateways... and they love it!

"Soul Kitchen is an award-winning hostel; we never stop improving and are always eager to create new experiences for our guests. And so does Mews! getting to know their team was like meeting friends with a similar vision."
Lyubov Sorokina
Lyubov Sorokina
Soul Kitchen Hostel
"Mews has changed the game of PMS systems once and for all. Urban House is a new 'hybrid' being both a hotel and hostel and this requires a special need - Mews can do that job for you."
Thomas Bagger
Thomas Bagger
Urban House - Meininger
Hostelling International Special Offer
Hostelling International Special Offer



  • Mews Property Management System
  • Housekeeping Application
  • Mews Concierge Mobile Application
  • Mews Operator Kiosk Application
  • Mews Merchant Payment Solution*
  • Channel Manager Integration
  • Online Support - 24/7
  • Mews Booking Engine
  • Telephone Support - 24/7
  • Unlimited Standard Integrations - Click here for a full list

*Mews Merchant commission fees are negotiated based on processing volume on a property-by-property basis.

Members of Hostelling International are able to receive exclusive access to preferential monthly rates and a 75% discount on installation and training fees.