The Mews Entrepreneur Programme

In Mews, we care about the hospitality industry and its people. Both our founder Richard and CEO Matt started their careers at hotels and understand the pains that hoteliers go through using antiquated systems. But change is coming! Hoteliers are getting more and more aware of new technologies that enable great service to their guests, increase revenues and automate repetitive and manual tasks. When we started in 2012, we had a clear vision. It’s exciting to see that what we had in mind back then, is starting to become the industry standard. However, we are not there yet. There is still lots to change and many hoteliers to be inspired. But with our product and our partners, we will keep working to change the industry inspired by our vision: Enable great service.

Mews Systems founders
Richard and Matt - the Original Entrepreneurs who started Mews

Richard and Matt both left their safe but boring corporate jobs behind to start an innovative company that could change the hotel industry. When we ask them about this decision, they unanimously agree that it was the best decision they have ever made. Matt: “Sure, there have been some crappy days but, overall, the freedom more than makes up for all that pain experienced along the way. No corporate structures, no rules made up by someone else to follow, no need to get approval from a multitude of managers, just freedom”. Inspired by their experience, we want to pass this freedom on to other hoteliers who feel they may be stuck in a dead-end job. Richard: “After seeing how much fun we have and admiring the innovation we constantly introduce; many Mews hoteliers have asked if they could join our team.” As said, we want to share the experience, but, although we have offices in multiple cities across the world, not everyone is able to move to a city where we have a Mews office in place. Hence the Mews Reseller Programme. Now it’s not a requirement to work from a Mews office anymore, because you can start the Mews revolution from wherever you are! All you need is a computer and a Wi-Fi connection to start!


In regards to our clients, solidarity that is one of the main reasons that we started Mews. Helping fellow hoteliers break free from their old legacy systems and inspire them to use the latest technology to reach for their goals, is the best feeling in the world. For that reason, we look for other hoteliers to join us. Coming from the same industry, hoteliers are uniquely positioned to easily explain to other hoteliers how Mews fixes those old pain points innate to legacy systems. With our products, Mews can solve challenges in any hotel department. This sometimes means the sales process can get complicated as a result. Hence, we are looking for specialists who have previous experience using a Property Management System. This kind of experience makes it easier to clearly explain the benefits of Mews and compare them to the old legacy solutions. Hoteliers often want to meet you 2-3 times in person before they sign an agreement and, therefore, we believe it’s best to have Mews representation in cities across the world to ensure that we can quickly assist wherever we’re needed.

What do I need to invest?

Only your own time! The first contract for the programme is 12 months. You will have to dedicate a minimum of 30 hours per week to Mews and then it generally takes between 4-6 months to get the first clients signed. As it is a Reseller contract, Mews does not pay out any salary and you must be able to cover your costs the first few months, before the first revenues starts flowing in. This is however an investment in building your own company!

Can I sell other systems aswell?

Not in the first year as we want the focus to be on Mews and not shared with other solutions that could make the sales process more complex. However, if your team grows above two people and if the solutions are complementary then we could be open to discussion.

What will Mews invest in me?

Mews will invest the following resources in you:

  • Training: We will facilitate one week of training at the Mews Systems Head Office in Prague
  • Software: During the first 6 months, you will receive complimentary access to the Mews CRM tool to help maintain your database of customers and to our contracting software, to send proposals and contracts.
  • Sales support: We have a dedicated Sales Manager for our Reseller network, who will be available for all our resellers to help prepare demo’s and sales meetings, support you with any questions and even be there during important sales meetings, either online or in person.
  • Mews University and Gitbook: We will give you access to our online Mews University and our online knowledge base Gitbook, which you use for self-training and personal knowledge base.
Do I need to offer any technical support to customers?

No - we are a cloud solution so all the technical support is handled from our office in Prague. We are looking for hoteliers who can sell or product and maintain a good relationship with our clients. For maintaining this relationship, we have a dedicated Account Manager for our Resellers, who will assist you in managing these relationships.

What will I get paid?

This is a fulltime position but, assuming you follow our programme and training schedule correctly, we still expect you to be able to fully support yourself for the first 4-6 months. Once your clients sign contracts, your revenues will be 20% of the signed contract. It will depend on how much contracts you can sign, but in the first year, you should be able to sign at least 20 contracts. In the second year, you should be able to sign at least 35 contracts. Here are some other key figures:

  • 80% of the packages we sell is the middle package, priced at 11.99 EUR per room per month
  • The average size of hotels is 50 rooms
  • In most cases our clients pay annual, which means you will receive the commission as a one time payment when the contract is signed.
How can I sign up?

Interested or do you want more information? Please get in touch with us via below form and we will get in touch with you asap!

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