The Mews Entrepreneur Programme

When we started Mews, we left our safe but boring corporate jobs behind to start an innovative company that could change the hotel industry. Five years on and it’s safe to say that it was the best decision we could have ever made. Sure, there have been some crappy days but, overall, the freedom we have more than makes up for all that pain we experienced along the way. We no longer need to get approval from a multitude of managers and we want to pass this freedom on to other hoteliers who feel they may be stuck in a dead-end job.

So what is the programme?

After seeing how much fun we have and admiring the innovation we constantly introduce, many Mews hoteliers have asked if they could join our team. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to move to a Mews office in London, Amsterdam or Prague, but, with the Entrepreneur Programme, that is no longer a requirement.
Join the Mews team from wherever you are! All you need is a computer and a wifi connection to start!

Mews Systems founders
Richard and Matt - the Original Entrepreneurs who started Mews
Hoteliers buying from Hoteliers

Both Richard and Matt started their careers at hotels and understand the pains that hoteliers go through using antiquated systems. Solidarity is one of the main reasons that we look for other hoteliers to join us and, coming from the same industry, hoteliers are uniquely positioned to easily explain to other hoteliers how Mews fixes those old pain points innate to legacy systems.

Speak the language of your customers

We currently have hotels in 36 countries and it’s often essential to be able to speak the local language. At Mews, we still don’t speak all the languages that our system supports and this is where local entrepreneurs can help. They can provide a bridge by meeting customers in their own hotels and consulting with them in their own language.

Meet customers in person

Mews is able to solve challenges in any hotel department but that sometimes means the sales process can get complicated as a result. For this reason, we are looking for specialists who have previous experience using a Property Management System. This kind of experience makes it easier to clearly explain the benefits of Mews and compare them to the old legacy solutions. Hoteliers often want to meet you 2-3 times in person before they sign an agreement and, therefore, we believe it’s best to have Mews representation in cities acorss the world to ensure that we can quickly assist wherever we’re needed.

What do I need to invest?

Only your own time! The minimum requirement for the programme is 8 months, during which we will need you to dedicate a minimum of 30 hours per week to Mews. It generally takes between 4-7 months to get the first clients signed, trained and ready for revenue to start flowing and that is why it’s essential to pledge 8 months or more. We also want entrepreneurs to make a commitment to us so that means we do not pay a salary.

Can I sell other systems aswell?

Not in the first year as we want the focus to be on Mews and not shared with other solutions that could make the sales process more complex. However, if your team grows above two people and as long as the solutions are complementary then we could be open to discussion.

What will Mews invest in me?

During the first 6 months, we will invest the following resources in you:

  • Training: We will facilitate one week of training at the Mews Systems Head Office in Prague
  • CRM: You will receive complimentary access to the Mews CRM tool to help maintain your database of customers
  • Proposal automation: We have built a full connection with Proposify to automate the sending and signing of proposals to customers and you will get your own access to this tool
  • Pre-sales automation: We do not believe in old fashioned cold calling so we have automated the process and will teach you all about it in your first week
  • Support: All customers can submit questions via our automatic ticketing systems, which then assigns you questions from your hotels that should be answered within 24 hours
  • Demonstration support: For the first five demos, a Mews representative will be available to join you by phone and support any questions you may have, we will also visit you in your destination within the first three months and join you for a couple of sales meetings, ensuring you have all the knowledge and tools you need
  • Implementation support: We will join you for the first installation of Mews at a new hotel where we will coach you and guide you through the process of getting a new hotel trained and launched
  • Mews University: We will give you access to our online university, which you may use for pre-training your customers
Do I need to offer any technical support to customers?

No - we are a cloud solution so all of the technical support is handled from our office in Prague. We are looking for hoteliers who can sell, train and offer first level support to our customers. If things get complicated, the Prague team is there to support you 24/7.

How much will I make?

This is a full time position but, assuming you follow our programme and training schedule correctly, we still expect you to be able to fully support yourself for the first 8 months. Thereafter, your revenue will be split into two categories:


  • If you sign up a new hotel, you will need to build the hotel in Mews (we will train you - it’s easy) and finalise all configuration settings with the hotel team. Training is generally done on-site for 2 days, plus 1 day implementation support. For all of the above you are allowed to set your own pricing and 100% of this revenue goes to you. For example, if you had a full implementation package price of €2,000 covering all training and configuration, this would be your revenue.


  • In addition to the one off sign-on bonus, hotels must agree to a monthly subscription with Mews. The pricing starts from €200 per month per hotel but ranges according to the size of the hotel and the number of additional Mews products that you are able to upsell. Once the hotel is live, our entrepreneurs are in charge of offering first level support to customers via the help desk. If you get stuck, you can escalate the support question to the Prague support team, who are there to help you out. You will make 25% of this monthly recurring revenue for as long as you stay with our programme.

What would my revenue be like after 3 years?

The example below is based on a one-man-show. But imagine what that revenue could be like if you expand your team and your results grow exponentially? Within the first year, you should easily be able to sell and implement 10 hotels with an average size of 50 rooms. If you do not hire another person, you should still be able to implement another 20-25 hotels annually over the following years.


  • One-time setup & training fees = 10 hotels x 2,500 Euro implementation fees = 25,000 Euro
  • Monthly recurring fees = 10 hotels x 6 months x 125 Euro = 7,500 Euro
  • TOTAL = 32,500 Euro annually


  • One-time setup & training fees = 20 hotels x 2,500 Euro implementation fees = 50,000 Euro
  • Monthly recurring fees = 24 hotels average x 12 months x 125 Euro = 36,000 Euro
  • TOTAL = 86,000 Euro annually


  • One-time setup & training fees = 25 hotels x 2,500 Euro implementation fees = 62,500 Euro
  • Monthly recurring fees = 48 hotels average x 12 months x 125 Euro = 72,000 Euro
  • TOTAL = 134,500 Euro annually
How can I join?

If you’d like to join us, simply set up an initial conversation with our team and we will take things from there. Complete the form below and we will be in touch!

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