The Mews University is the complete library of all training videos, which you can use to start working with the Mews Commander PMS. The library is divided into a number of sections, and each video is accompanied with a short description, and the audiences who may be interested in the content. 

Section 1:   Getting started

Section 2:   General Settings

Section 3:   Accounting Configuration

Section 4:   Rate Management

Section 5:   Reservations & Front office

Section 6:   Reporting

Section 7:  Release updates


Training Plans

We have prepared a number of training plans that break the below videos into ready made modules. What is great about the training plans is that the videos are ordered in the most logical order for you to get familiar with the system. Simply following the videos in a random order could cause confusion, and will make understanding the Mews solutions unnecessarily complex. We have a great solution, and would love for you to fall in love with us, one video at a time.


We recommend that management start with the below 2 training plans. The first plan is to get started with Mews and complete a number of the general settings. The second training will be a more in depth look into reporting and general functions of the system. 

Departmental Training Plans

Each department has a custom built training plan, focusing on those areas of the system that are important to the day-to-day functioning of each department. Of course we recommend that all users watch all videos, which will enrich their general knowledge.