Hotel Housekeeping - Are we turning the Technological Hospital Corner?

"hospital corner. noun. 1. a fold on a bed sheet or blanket made by tucking the foot or head of the sheet straight under the mattress with the ends protruding and then making a diagonal fold at the side corner of the sheet and tucking this under to produce a triangular corner"

Throughout my career in Hospitality I have had the pleasure of working with many experienced and very much understated Housekeepers and Housekeeping Managers, the daily grind of ensuring only the highest level of cleanliness certainly takes its toll on your limbs and lumber back and the physical aspect of such an integral part of Hotel operations is often under estimated and undervalued. The quiet, un-imposing members of this department speedily glide through your Hotel floor to return your chosen dwelling to the pristine state you found it in.

As a guest in a hotel how often do you consider the workload that this department have to get through to ensure they meet your needs? Only once they have returned all habitable spaces to their natural state does their administrative day begin, rarely do they have time throughout the average work day to tick the boxes on generic duties, speak to the front of house to raise issues and essentially return the rooms to reception for re-sale to newly arriving guests.


In recent years, the industry has seen the start of technological change. The long neglected department is now being recognised as the integral and essential operation it is and has been steadily adopting technology to increase efficiency and provide a seamless guest experience.

At Mews, we have developed the Mews Commander App which works alongside our PMS solution to further increase the productivity of the Housekeeping department. Traditionally the trend in Hotels is that we see clean rooms returned to reception between 1400 - 1500pm, this is usually the only viable time for a Housekeeping representative to physically visit reception and hand back the clean inventory once they have had a chance to clean and inspect all rooms which also coincides with check in time, thus creating a scrum at reception in some cases!

The Commander app is an iOS and Android extension to your property management system which allows your team to manage their tasks from any device seamlessly. Our technology allows you to navigate all rooms with reservation details of arriving, departing and in house guests. Housekeeping can instantly clean and inspect rooms from the application, filter them by status for up to date information on guests in house - so no more knocking on doors and interrupting unsuspecting guests! This improved workflow takes the pressure off of the department and helps increase productivity saving you man hours and money instantly.

Mews have already turned the Technological Hospital corner, it's about time you did too.

Craig Bonafont - Sales Manager

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