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The Mews Commander Property Management System was built to suit the needs of modern hotels and hostels. Founded by ex-hoteliers who were frustrated by the lack of suitable platforms on the market, Mews focused heavily on building a modern, intuitive user interface with user experience at the core. With time-saving features, including online check-in and real-time housekeeping, Mews provides hotels with the tools to save more, sell more and provide their guests with a more personalised experience.





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Receive €300 per property which signs up


How it works

Spread the word to your contacts and notify bdm@mewssystems.com that you have sent a recommendation.

Your name will be attached to the contact’s account so once a contract has been signed you can be issued your commission invoice. This also applies to chain hotels, so you would get paid per hotel within the chain that signs with Mews. Any referred hotels or contacts will have to be properties we are not already in contact with. For clarification please contact bdm@mewssystems.com

Receive €300 per property which signs up. A bank account will be required to receive deposits.


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