22 june 2017

Unification of the colours throughout the system

As you may know, we are very careful with using different colours in the system and each colour always need to have a reason. WIth this week's deploy, the colours of different room states will now match in Commander web app as well as in Housekeeping app.

Dirty: Blue (Orange previously)

Clean: Green (Blue previously)

Out of Service: Orange (Grey previously)

Automatic no-show handling

In Mews, there is no such thing as night audit which assures that the system automates as many thing as possible for you and still allows you to be flexible. After this week's release, system will also automatically handle no-shows by cancelling them at 6 AM every morning (if you select this optionality in  Settings > Services > Options > Automatic no show cancellation enabled) or at the end of the Editable history window setup in your hotel. It is necessary to have relevant cancellation policies set-up as the system will be automatically posting cancellation fee based on the setup.

Credit card report

To see all the credit cards created within specific time span and to be able to identify e.g. what types of credit cards are being created and stored or how many preauthorisations were made.

More information about this week's changes are available in the Mewsflash sent to your manager.

14 june 2017

Reservation overview includes reservation notes

The reservation notes will now be directly displayed in the Reservation overview so you don't need to open the specific reservation to get important information about the preferences of the guest.

Consolidation of Services

To avoid the confusion as what are the Hotel Services and Stay Services, the two separate columns were unified into one with the different type being specified -> Accommodation (rates setup and products that can be packaged with the rates) and General which are all the services with products that are orderable via Navigator and manually via Commander.


8 June 2017

Optional reservations in Reservation overview

You now have the possibility to display Optional reservations in Reservation overview so that your front office is better aware of activities in your property.

Guest in house report improvements

With the latest update, you have now the possibility to select time interval in the Guest in house report which allows you to see a bigger picture of what is happening in your hotel (e.g. monthly report of House uses, etc.). By default, this report remains to be set to present state of in house reservations. We also added the possibility to sort the guests by either name or room number.

1 june 2017

Customer classification displayed in the Room status report export

Recently we introduced the improved customer classification (see below). With the latest update, you will be able to see them in the export of the Room status report so that your staff operating with the report can always identify the specific needs of each guest.

Automatic settlement - partial charging

You now have greater freedom in deciding how much (what percentage) you want to automatically charge the customer for the booking. You can set it up by going to Settings > Services > Stay > Rate Groups.

25 may 2017

Positive and negative price adjustments

In the Reservations module, we will now allow positive and negative price adjustments to be made to the reservation, previously you would only be able to place a negative value (discount). Note that any negative adjustments need to be set with a minus (-) and any positive adjustments may be added as a number only (e.g. 19).

Timeline enhancements

We have expanded the columns for days are allowing more text such as longer name, better overview of what is happening now or near future/near past.
We display the new customer classification icons directly on timeline behind the names to better and faster identify customers.
Hostels: we added Female tag to the timeline. Making it easier to spot and rearrange bookings for female dorms.

New integrations with the system

Integration that connects the passport scanning device with Mews in order for the customer profiles to be filled in automatically. In some of the countries, it also supports reports compatible with the foreign police requirements.
Integration with the TVs in the hotel rooms to welcome the guests. Also, they can easily access their open bill on the TV or the mobile app and order services on their hotel account.
"Channel manager" for the instant messaging tools giving the opportunity for the property to be in touch with the guests via various communication tools.
Guest satisfaction tool that allows you to automatically send in-stay and post-stay surveys to your customers.
Metasearch solutions that can bring more direct bookings to your property. Via the Google Tag Manager integration, you may track the conversion.
Revenue management solution that gives you either occupancy based recommendation or competior based recommendation which you can combine together. Integration allows automatic push of the rates into Mews.

4 may 2017

Employee account expiry date

Knowing that there are often employees in the hotels contracted for fixed period of time, we've introduced a possibility to select a time interval in which should the Mews account for particular employee be valid. Nothing has changed for the current Mews employees as this is an optional field.

Business segment field added to Company and TA profiles

With the latest update, you are able to assign different business segment for specific company or travel agency. This will bring more automation and correct reporting for the managers.

26 april 2017

Customer classifications consolidated and improved

With the newest deploy, it is now possible to assign multiple customer classifications (customer categories) to the guests allowing you identify your customers more accordingly. Colours were replaced by icons that we believe will help the front office staff with the orientation among the classifications.

Reservation overview redesign

With the latest update, we aimed for this report, which is used by the front office on daily basis, to be well arranged so that everyone using it can instantly identify arriving, departing or in-house bookings. Each of these sections now have separate page and there is also the statistics page which will give you overview for longer period of time.

13 April 2017

Automatic email to guests for whom the Automatic settlement failed

If your property uses the Automatic reservation settlement feature (see below 20 december 2016 update), it may sometimes happen that the settlement fails (due to e.g. insufficient balance, incorrect credit card, etc.). Thanks to today's update, these customers will be automatically notified by email about the failed settlement and they will be asked to provide you with another credit card.

6 April 2017

New space types added

Since Mews is used by various types of properties, we've added two new space types (Apartment and Suite) to the existing ones (Room, Dorm and Bed). This will give better flexibility to the reporting and revenue differentiation for the properties operating with the mentioned space types.

30 March 2017

Possibility to post cancellation fees if a booking is cancelled via the Channel Manager

We have added the possibility to charge a cancellation fee whenever a non refundable booking gets cancelled via the Channel Manager. Enabling this option will allow you to capture the revenue from guests that have cancelled their non refundable booking.

To enable this setting, please navigate to the  Settings > Integrations > Check the " Charge Cancellation Fee" tickbox

We have added the Finnish language to the Commander

23 March 2017

Improved Message Menu

We have rebuilt the messaging screen in the Mews Commander, making it more robust and easy to use.

You will now see a " Threads" on the left hand side, allowing for easier conversation search. The layout of the message box has been improved and you are able to add additional people to a conversation on the right hand side

Automatic no show resolution

In order to facilitate automation, the system will automatically turn reservations into No Shows if the guest has not been checked in by 6am the following day. By allowing this to take place, the entire reservation will be cancelled and a cancellation fee will be charged

If enabled, there is no more need for manual setting of no shows. This can be enabled in the Settings > Services > Stay > Options > Automatic no show cancellation enabled.

Note: Automatic Check in and Automatic No Show can't be used in combination, one needs to be switched off if the other one is enabled.

16 March 2017

We have made some country specific changes for users in those countries to better use our system


We have added the possibility to select States / Provinces when Spain is selected as country

You are now able to print the Registration Card onto A5 paper including all fields which are mandatory for Spain

Second last name now appears by default on the Registration Card

Denmark / Germany:

Changes have been made to  VAT postings for No shows and Cancellations. Selecting No Show will post a cancellation fee with tax, any other reasons will post without tax.

Other Release Items

Print Companion Registration Cards

We now provide the option to print the Registration Card for all Companions on a reservation. Please select " Print Empty" from the Registration Card configuration Page

Quotation/Confirmation Emails are condensed for Groups

When sending a Quotation / Confirmation e-mail to a Group, we will condense the e-mail so that the receiver gets a summary of the reservations made, instead of having all the names mentioned on the e-mail.

Highlight Open Payment

We have added a tickbox onto the Accounting Ledger to show open payments if they desire so. Some countries use deposits and may wish to see payments made in the Accounting Ledger. If so, please use this tickbox to show open payments.


2 March 2017

Unification of Location of Stay e-mail Notifications

We have unified the location of the Stay e-mail notifications (the possibility to automatically send emails such as check-in / check -out e-mails). We now store them all under Stay Services (Settings > Stay> Options)

Introduction of Refund Accounting Category for Products

Currently any Product refunds are picked up the Refund Accounting Category of the respective Service. We have now implemented the possibility for each Product to have its own Accounting Category Refund. If you wish to use this functionality, please go into your Products and assign the correct Refund Category.

Select Default Counter

You may now select a Default Counter from the Settings > Counters menu

To Be Resolved added to the Accounting Ledger

We have added a label called " To Be Resolved" onto the Accounting Ledger. For those hotels who use deposits, it will give you an overview of all guests that have paid a deposit, but where the revenue has not been posted.

23 February 2017

We have introduced a Default Template for the cancellation e-mail. Now when you select a new cancellation email template, a template appears that you may use to customize the look and feel of the email.

Migrating to Google Tag Manager

In previous versions, Distributor supported direct integrations with Google Analytics and Google AdWords. These legacy integrations still remain functional for backwards compatibility, but will be removed completely in near future. We strongly suggest you migrate them to Google Tag Manager.

Important: If you enable Google Tag Manager in Distributor, it will take precedence over any legacy integration, and those will not be triggered. These means that once you enable Google Tag Manager, you have to migrate all of your integrations to it!

For more information, please visit https://mewssystems.github.io/public/content/developers/distributor/widget.html#integrations

16 FEBRUARY 2017

Option to Add or Remove Multiple Fields from the Registration Card.

You now have the option to display or remove the following fields on a Registration Card:  Address / Confirmation Number / Gender / Telephone / Visit Reason.

9 February 2017

Live Availability Alternative Options in Distributor

Never lose a booking when your hotel is unavailable! We have now introduced live alternate availability, when the requested date is unavailable. The system will propose alternate dates for your guest to choose from, helping him to stay at your hotel if his travel dates are flexible. We will only offer dates that have availability. Hopefully this will bring significantly higher conversion on busy dates.

Option to Add Address Field to the Registration Card

Adding the address field onto the registration card. Many of you requested the ability to be able to print the address onto the registration card, even though not mandatory by law. We have now made this available for everyone, so please use this for your property if needed.

Note that the registration card functionality has moved. You will now find it under Settings > Users > Registration Card Config.

No More Need to Retrieve the Reports From Your Inbox

The emails are now directly available in the system! Once you have clicked on “ Export”, you will get a notification in the top right menu bar when it has completed downloading. Another way to retrieve your reports is by navigating to the newly introduced " Export" field in the Menu Bar. Here you will be able to retrieve your reports

Rate Configuration Setup Consolidation

Change of Discounts to Adjustments in the Rate Configuration screen. For consistency purposes we have changed the word " Discount" to "Adjustment", as the system was able to handle positive and negative adjustments. The word Discount suggested incorrectly that only negative values could be added.

One important change to note is the way that the system now handles rate setup. For any discount, a minus (-) sign must be used ( for example -10%). For any add ons, the value may be inserted into the numbers field (ie 10%). This is a change from how the system was setup before!

For the above mentioned features, we have created a short video to demonstrate the changes, please click here to watch.

Other minor but worth to mention changes in the system

Within the Reservations report, you may have noticed that we have grouped together reservations with an automatic settlement with a Fail / Success Header. This will make it easier for you to see which payments may have failed / succeeded

Last week we introduced the " Before Release e-mail" that was used for Optional Bookings. This mail was automatically send 24hrs prior to the reservation expiring. We have now made 2 changes to this functionality.

It has been renamed to " Release Reminder” and we have introduced the option to switch this the automatic sending if desired. Navigate to Stay Services > Options > Automatic Release Reminder Enabled and uncheck the box.

Within the Rate creation functionality, we have enabled the possibility to switch between public and private rates without having to delete the rate and create it again

We have introduced a Default Template for all email options. Now when you select a new email template (such as Confirmation or Cancellation email) a template appears that you may use to customize the look and feel of the email.


25 January 2017

Enhanced Mailing Options - additional options added

One more option was added to the mailing options, the Before Release e-mail. This mail will automatically be send 24hrs prior to the optional reservation expiring.

Within the Reservation Module, you will also find the option to send the “Before Release” e-mail manually if needed.

Please watch this video for an overview of all of the new email functionalities.

18 January 2017

Enhanced Mailing Options

We have introduced two new mail types that will help properties better communicate with customers.

To the existing ones, we’ve added the Quotation and Invitation to online check-in. The first one is brand new and it may be sent to optional bookings when creating them via the New Reservation Screen (similar to the confirmation email we send to confirmed bookings).

This new optionality will surely be appreciated by those who create a lot of group or contracted bookings. This email can be also triggered via the E-mail tab in the Reservation Module. Within this screen you can also now re-send the Invitation to online check-in email.

Emails that are related to reservations and may be customized by properties are now being managed through Mail templates section under Stay Services.

11 January 2017


Multi Property Booking Engine

With the latest update, we’ve introduced another great feature which will be appreciated mainly by chains that operate multiple properties. From now on, the Distributor (Mews’ booking engine) can accommodate more than one property.

This means that should you have more properties within one city, one country or even within different countries, guests coming to your website can decide which of your properties they would like to book. This is great tool that will boost the conversion as potential clients will have less reasons to look for options elsewhere as they would already have a choice directly at your website.

Important note: The Distributor for single properties remained unchanged.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at support@mewssystems.com or check the documentation that can be used by your web developer to implement this solution here.


4 January 2017

Exchange Rates Improvements

With the last update, we’ve introduced changes to the exchange rates that will be appreciated by the properties using the option to update the exchange rates daily, monthly or yearly according to one of the financial institutions.

What has changed? The setup moved from the General Settings to the Integrations where you will now find Conversion Rate Provider Integration. There, you will not only be able to set up the period and the financial institution but newly also when exactly the change would be happening via the offset.

Example: You want the exchange rate to be changed every day at 10AM. In that case, you will set up the offset to 10 Hours. The same logic would apply to a case when you would like to update the exchange rate every second day of the month at 5PM. You would do so by selecting monthly update and setting up the offset to 2 days and 17 hours.

Initial Value of Bill Counter Can Be Set Up

This new functionality allows you to define the initial value of a new counter. This is great e.g. for hotels that had some numerical series in the old PMS and they would like to continue there where they finished also when using Mews.

29 DECEMBER 2016

TrustYou Rating Added to the Social Widget

We've recently added another customer rating platform to feed the Social Widget on the Dashboard. That means that not only you can compare your property with others based on rating on Booking.com and Trip Advisor but with TrustYou as well. 

Snapshot and Mews Finalized Exclusive Partnership

We're excited to announce that Mews Systems and SnapShot have created an exclusive and preferred partnership for all Mews customers. Through this partnership you now have access to the SnapShot Analytics platform, entirely for free.

For further information, please contact us at support@mewssystems.com

Extended Cancellation Policies and Rate Automatic Settlement Triggers

Two weeks ago we introduced automatic charging allowing to charge the guest stay at multiple points such as creation, start and end date.

We have enhanced this feature by adding two more options to it start date end date. This allows hotels greater flexibility in deciding when to charge guest stay amount.

Options available are:

  • Creation - Charging happens at the time of creation of the booking.
  • Start - Reservation arrival date and time. This is pre-set to the hotel's arrival time.
  • Start date - The date of the guest arrival (at midnight hotel time).
  • End - Reservation departure date. This is pre-set to the hotel's departure time.
  • End date - The date of the guest departure. (at midnight hotel time).

Use cases:

Creation, Start, End: make most sense with zero Offset and means "immediately" when the moment happens.

Start Date and End Date: make most sense with "In Advance" Offset for Non-refundable rates.

The same logic is applied to the cancellation policies.

Reservation Report Enhancement

We've now linked clicking on the guest's name with the Dashboard of the guest rather than the details of the reservation. An easier way for you to get information on your guests straight away.

Rate Action Log Moved to the Global Action Log

Action log about the changes to the rates was moved from the rate management to the global Action Log on the Dashboard. There is new Action Type Price Adjustments which will provide you with all the changes made to the rates in the chosen period of time.

Mews is Now Complaint with Greek Fiscal Requirements Needed as of 1st Jan 2017

For further information please contact us at support@mewssystems.com.


20 december 2016

Automatic Posting of Stay Services

We have released an update to the way we allow for automatic charging of Stay Services. This new feature will bring greater automation to your property as any stay charges may now be collected prior to arrival, speeding up the check in process and enhancing the guest experience.
Note that the use of Adyen or the Mews Merchant must be enabled to use this functionality. Not a user yet? Please contact us for more information on this product.

What will change? You are now able to charge all Stay services automatically, without manual intervention. These stay services may be charged on:

  • The date of creation
  • The start day of the reservation
  • The end day of the reservation

We have also added in a "Settlement Offset", which will allow you to charge before or after the chosen period. As an example, an offset of -1 will charge 1 day prior to arrival.

Update to the Cancellation Policies

Our cancelation policies have been redesigned to allow for easier creation and understanding of the policy.
It follows the same logic as written above whereby offsets may be applied to specific times for enforcing cancellation policies.

We have also added the possibility to charge just the night, just the product or both.

Have a look at our short video for a detailed explanation!

14 December 2016

Invoice Handling and Accounting Ledger Fine Tuning

Today's update finalized the changes in invoices handling that was introduced earlier this month. The option that allows you to track the invoice-debts and physical money coming to your bank account was previously called “Invoice Payment Tracking enabled”. However, in the light of the change, we've renamed it to "Receivable Tracking Enabled". Following the same logic, the Accounting Ledger's mode, known previously as "Accounts Receivable", is now called just "Receivables".

For those hotels that do not track the invoices directly in Mews and prefer to have the above mentioned option unticked, we have removed the remaining source of confusion. When the invoice is issued, the status of this invoice will remain "Issued" instead of "Issued,Unpaid" and "Issued,Paid" (once the due date has arrived).

08 DECEMBER 2016

Guest Ledger is now Accounting Ledger

With the last release's new feature "Accounts Receivable” we felt a need to adjust the Guest Ledger which you will now find under the name "Accounting Ledger". This report includes three new Modes that will help the accountants to get the necessary data fast and clear.

  • Accounts Receivable - selecting this mode will ensure that you see only the invoice-debts
  • Guest Ledger - using this mode you will get the outstanding items excluding the invoice-debts (The way the Guest Ledger previously worked)
  • General - this mode is for hotels that need to see all the outstanding items together meaning that the invoice-debts are shown along all the rest unsettled bills.

01 December 2016

Offer to Employee Option for Stay Services Products

Another tickbox was added to the options in the settings of products in Stay Services. When Offer to Employee option is selected, it will be possible for the staff to add this product via the New Reservation Screen. This is great for upsell purposes that the staff can offer to customers when creating a reservation. On the other hand, there are some package items that are automatically added to the rates and these don't need to be visible in the New Reservation Screen (e.g. complimentary bottle of champagne or ticket to a museum which is applicable only for a specific package).

Re-sending of Confirmation and Cancellation Emails

With the latest update you are now able to resend confirmation emails (through the E-mail tab in the reservation management) even to customers who are already checked-in and also those who are checked-out. At the same time, when there is a cancelled booking and the customer requests the re-send of the email, you can do so as well.

Report Export - Update

With the Customer Profiles report being now exported to email, all of the exports of reports in Mews are now handled this way.

Exchange Rate Screen Improved

Thanks to the latest update setting up of the Exchange Rate is much more user friendly. You are now able to set it up both ways meaning that you can either set up that e.g. 1 EUR = 27 CZK or vice versa that 27 CZK = 1 EUR.

Invoicing / Accounts Receivable

What has changed with the latest update?

Previously when you closed an invoice, you were able to only mark an invoice as paid, but the physical money was not posted in Mews. This update will now improve this functionality, and instead of just marking the invoice, we also track the invoice-debt, and allow you to then post the physical payment when it comes in to your bank account. 


Important Notes:

  • In order to activate this, switch on the option in settings called “Invoice Payment Tracking enabled”
  • Closing the invoice works in the same way, and the invoice also looks exactly the same as before.
  • Once the invoice is closed, we post an “invoice-debt” on the guest account with the payment date on the “due date”. Should no payment be received after the due date, the account will pop up in the Guest Ledger as “to be resolved”
  • Once you receive the money, simply go to the guest account, post the payment and close the bill. This will generate a bill which you can then provide to the customer as proof of their payment.

Czech Market - EET (Fiscal Printers) Integration

Thanks to the Mews integration, hotels who use our PMS don't need to buy expensive fiscal machines in order to follow the law requirements of the Czech government. Just couple of easy steps make sure that every credit card and cash payment is directly communicated to the authorities.

For more information contact us at support@mewssystems.com.

Automatic Deposit Settlement

With the EET integration, we also introduced Automatic Deposit Settlement which will be appreciated not only by hotels in Czech Republic but also in every country where by law it is required to pay VAT at the time of payment (and not consumption). With this new feature you can set the system up that every non-refundable booking that comes in is automatically handled with the deposit posted and payment billed.

For more information, you can watch the video we prepared for this functionality https://vimeo.com/193689265

23 November 2016

Product Rules (Packages)

Today's update of the system brings you new functionality that will allow you to package products to rates for the manual bookings and Distributor.

In short, what does it mean? The system is now able to automatically attach products to a reservation with the help of setting rules based on 4 criteria:

  • Rate: so if you want to for example create a rate inclusive of breakfast, we can automatically attach a breakfast to that specific rate when booked.
  • Business Segment: If a specific business segment is booked, you can attach a product. For example in some countries a city tax applies only to certain groups of guests (i.e. Leisure Guests)
  • Space Category: if you want to connect a product based on a specific room/bed-type. For example if guests who stay in suites get a complimentary bottle of champagne
  • Space Type: this is specific for hostels. For example some hostels offer breakfast inclusive for Private Rooms, but not for Beds.

You can watch a 10 minutes video that explains this functionality https://vimeo.com/192749650


16 NOVEMBER 2016

Improved Availability Management

With today's update, you are now able to place into overbook/block more rooms than there are in the room category itself. At the same time, the room blocks affect only the room category that is being blocked, not causing blocks of the rooms in the higher category as it was before.

Additionally, when a reservation is made manually into the blocked category, you no longer need to update the availability.

10 November 2016

Status of the Reservation in the Billing

This new feature will surely help the front office to manage billing of the guests who have multiple bookings. Now, you will be able to see which booking is Checked-in, which one is in the future and which was already in the past.

OK Button in the Reports

In order to improve the performance, we've merged the OK and Export button in the reports. This will help the users to easily choose whether they want to see the report or export it with one button. Also, when you hit enter when selecting the dates, it will automatically display the chosen report and its filters.

New Mode in Financial Transactions Report

Clients using the Mews Merchant will now see an additional State tickboxes Charged & Settled. When you run the report using the state Charged, you will see only those payments that were charged but not yet settled which will help to have an overview of the transactions.

New Zooming Option on the Timeline

This will be appreciated mainly by everyone who uses Mews on mobile devices. In the Action Bar, there are now new buttons that will help you to zoom-in and zoom-out easily on any device.

03 November 2016

Google Tag Manager

Today we have released a new integration with the Google Tag Manager, making it easier for webmasters and marketers track all tags on the Mews Distributor (Internet Booking Engine) in one platform. This will allow hoteliers to track the performance of PPC and Adword campaigns, from the moment of entry, along each step of the booking process, eventually tracking the converted revenue. 

Timeline Improvement

For larger hotels/hostels with many room types and high occupancy, it was visually hard to sometimes drag-and-drop bookings from room to room, to ensure you dropped it in the exact room number you were looking for. We now highlight the entire row (horizontally) when you start dragging, making it more easy to track movements.

27 October 2016

Voucher Rate highlighted in Distributor

When your property is offering special promotional rates on the Booking Engine - these rates will now be highlighted on the 3rd step of the Distributor, ensuring that your guests do not miss out on any special deal you have on offer.

Redesign of the Channel Manager Integration Screen

We have extended the Channel Manager Integration screen, especially benefitting hotels who manage many multiple types of rates and packages across different room types. Based on feedback from hotels we have added a lot more detail into these screens, which will save revenue managers a lot of time in their mapping efforts

Report Export - Update

At the moment, all of the exports of the reports (one last remaining is Customer Profiles) are now being sent to the emails of the users who are exporting them.

20 October 2016

Release Time for Optional Reservations

Thanks to today's update the flexibility for creating Optional reservations was extended. We've added (to release date) also the possibility to select release time when creating Optional reservations. That means that you can create these reservation for e.g. today's date with the release time before the hotel's check-in time.

Names of the properties included in the reports

This new addition will be appreciated mainly by managers that administer multiple properties. Names are included in both Excel and PDF forms of the reports.

06 October 2016

Upgrade to the Mews Commander iOS App

Today we released a completely redesigned version of the Mews Commander app on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mews-commander/id982575297?mt=8)

The Mews Commander is the mobile housekeeping app of Mews, that gives the power to your housekeepers and cleaners to get up to date room status information, with reservations and booking details. Once they have cleaned the room, with a swipe on their screen, they can inform the reception that the room was inspected and ready for the next check-in.

Besides the new design, the app has also seen speed improvements, which make it 400% faster than the original app, making it especially powerful for some of our larger hotels and hostels (up to 1200 beds/rooms)

04 October 2016

Notification Settings for Service Orders

We upgraded the notification about the orders of services (for example when a booking is made via the booking engine), previously it was only possible to e-mail 1 employee about the order. Now you can inform as many employees as you wish about the orders of services. How?

  • Firstly create a department in Mews (Configuration > Departments) for these notifications (ie. Reservations)
  • Then go to the profile of each employee, and assign them to this department
  • Lastly, go to the settings of the specific service, ensure the option "order generates e-mail" is ticked, and select the "department" that you would wish to inform about each order made.

Report Export - Update

We have added the following reports to the "Background Reports" (that are being sent to the user's e-mail address)

  • Guest Ledger
  • Manager Report
  • Activity Report
  • Spent Nights Report

Space Blocks: when rooms are places Out Of Order or blocked for House Use, these blocks are now represented in the search in a new section called "Space Blocks", so that you can easily find these blocks. We have also added a new section with House Use blocks to the "Guest In House" report.

System Notifications: we have introduced new notification messages. Where the notifications previously blocked an entire row in the top of the screen, we have now make the blocks smaller and more user friendly. We have also adjusted the blue color for success to green, which is more logical.

Automatic Check-out update: when hotels have the feature that automatically checks out bookings at their planned time of departure, we will now also automatically close balanced bills via the system.


15 September 2016

Automatic Check-out

Today we introduced new feature "Automatic Check-out" (similar to Automatic Check-in) which will once again remove some work from your staff. The system will periodically check all the reservations for their departures and will automatically check-out those that had departure time in the checked period. This is a great help to assure smooth departure procedures mainly in large properties with limited staff on the reception.

Reports Export - Update

In the last MewsFlash we informed you that we introduced background exports (that are being sent to the user's email address) for Reservations Report and Accounting Report. As of today, there are two new reports working in the same way:

  • Occupancy Report
  • Financial Transactions Report

Print Button - unification

One of our aims is the unification of the logic of each screen. Another step towards this goal is the unification of the position of a print button. Now, you will always find it in the top right corner of your screen.

Backup Reports - Being Sent Twice a Day

We introduced another Backup report to be sent at 2 PM. Therefore, as of today, there will be two Backup report emails sent to the property's email at 2 AM and at 2 PM.


02 September 2016

Report Exports - Update

In the last months we have worked hard on upgrading the service to allow larger exports from the system. We have just released this service to the most used reports, and will add more reports weekly until all exports have migrated. The reports we implemented first:

  • Reservations Report
  • Accounting Report

What is the change? 
When you now press “Export” on these reports, it will run the job in the background and send the export to you by e-mail.

What are the benefits of this?
We can run these exports on another server, so it does not impact the system speed. Secondly you can run significantly larger exports and it will not time out. Thirdly as the report is running you can continue using the system, and the report will be sent to you automatically.

New Integrations

Another important update is a great number of new integrations which have been (or are being) implemented in the past 2 months towards Mews by external partners. See below the ones that have recently been completed or a due to complete shortly

  • LodgIQ - Revenue Management: you may not have heard yet of this revenue management system, but its worth looking at this solution as we were really impressed what they have built within 1 year of launching their product. 
  • RoomChecking - Housekeeping Management: some of the larger hotels have larger housekeeping planning requirements than Mews can offer, therefore we have integrated with this advanced service, which is solely focused on improving housekeeping departments all around.
  • Intelecom - Check-in Kiosks: tested in a number of Mews hotels who have introduced check-in kiosks in their lobby or outside of the hotel (like an ATM) helping save significant costs and preventing queues at reception (or during night shifts, when there are lower staffing levels available)
  • UpsellGuru - Sell Upgraded Rooms: a service that contacts your guests prior to arrival and offers them paid upgrades, or any other service. A really great way to increase your revenue and ADR.
  • SnapShot - Data Analytics: this free tool is a great visual tool that helps combine and analyse a multitude of hotel system reports into 1 dashboard, helping you quickly analyse pickup trends, performance trends, online reviews, website performance, etc.
  • Juyo - Revenue Management: a tool that combines great data analytics and reports, and build rate recommendation based on your data. (They are also working on a solution for hostels)
  • MailChimp - CRM: if you would like to maintain a mailing list of guests, we work with an external partner who is able to connect you to Mews. 
  • Revinate - Marketing: we already had a connection with their reputation management, and the connection is now getting an upgrade to also allow a connection to Revinate Marketing
  • Untill - Point Of Sales: this company offer a multitude of solutions for restaurants and resort hotels (guests can pay with their room key), we have a connection built via an external partner

Allotment Production of a TravelAgent/Company

Some hotels still work with allotments, and requested some reporting to quickly see the pickup in an easy overview, to check if they should close out or open availability depending on their contracts. For this reason we have added a Company and Travel Agent selection to the Occupancy report, to quickly see an overview of booked spaces by this agent in the future.

Added Export to Activity Report

One of the most forward thinking reports we have in Mews is the Activity Report where you can identify peaks in operations and booking trends. We added an option to export this report to excel

25 August 2016

  • Reservations Report: added reservation products to the report, so that hoteliers can easily identify all the booking elements directly on screen.
  • Availability Report: added a selection for travel agent. So now you can filter the production per travel agent, daily per room category. This is useful for hotels who have traditional allotments and need to check production.
  • Distributor: added support for Marin tracking, required for TravelClick PPC campaign tracking
  • Distributor: added support for Facebook Pixel Standard Events: for tracking of performance of FB advertisement conversion.
  • Siteminder: improved parsing of notes sent via XML's into the reservation notes in Mews.
  • Batch Check-out: retain the filter value pre-settings even after running a batch check-out. So if you selected "notes" to be shown, once you have run the Batch Check-out, that filter will still be preselected.
  • Mews Merchant: possibility to change the default currency from EUR to another currency (USD / GBP), this feature is mainly useful for non-EU hotels. Additionally its now also possibly to update the "Payment Description Field" which will be transposed to the guest bank statement, to avoid confusion.

17 August 2016

  • Virtual Credit Cards: now that Booking.com and Expedia are starting to push the usage of virtual credit cards, we have added an option to mark a new card as "virtual" which excludes those bookings from getting e-mail receipts
  • Timeline Room Search: by popular demand, we have added a Room Number search box on the timeline, allowing large hotels to quickly scroll to the room they are looking for.
  • Confirmation E-mail Update: we have added the number of guests on a booking to all confirmation e-mails.

11 August 2016


  • Added days-of-week to the timeline
  • Display last name of guests before first name, so if you have a short booking the last name is preserved, which is important during guest contract

Customer Profiles Report Extensions

  • customer telephone number
  • gender
  • ID Type
  • City

5 August 2016

Released a new version of the Mews Navigator iOS app. This new version is significantly faster than the original version. This provides a more seamless guest experience, and heightens the engagement of customers ensuring they get the best on-property experience.

1 August 2016

We have released a significant update to the Mews Connector API. This update contains a large number of updates requested by Revenue Management Systems, CRM's and other Data Management Platforms that would like to integrate into Mews. Companies who are currently working on building a connection to Mews:

  • Snapshot - Data Analytics
  • Juyo - Revenue Management
  • Revinate - CRM
  • Sheetsu - Google Sheets
  • Xotels - Revenue Management
  • Intelecom - Check-in Kiosk
  • LodgIQ - Revenue Management
  • Room Checking - Housekeeping

28 July 2016

Group Module - Adding bookings

Adding a booking to an existing booking: when you add a room to an existing group booking, we prefill in as many fields as possible (origin, business segment, company, etc) as the other bookings in the group share. 

Channel Managers - Connection Speed

We have sped up the time between the end and start of inventory/rate updates. This significantly lowers the chances of overbookings for hotels as it makes the window smaller. This will have the biggest impact on the connection with Siteminder, TravelClick, Availpro, Webhotelier and HotelREZ.

20 July 2016

  • Children: Added possibility to amend amount of adults/children in the group module (previously you could only amend adults)
  • Check-out Room Status: Added option to specify whether check-out changes the room status to "dirty" or leaves it in its state at the time of check-out (this is important for hostels using the Batch Check-out feature)
  • Room Status Report: we have added a date selector to this report, which will allow housekeepers to plan for upcoming days as well.

14 July 2016

  • Reservation Assignment Strategy: for hostels its not possible to follow a different reservation room assignment strategy for Beds/Dorms/Rooms. This allows you to keep your bed bookings on certain floors, and group bookings on other floors
  • Travel Agent Commissions: we have extended the reporting on Travel Agent commissions. You can now calculate commission not only on gross rates (Booking.com) but also correctly for net rates (Expedia Pay)

24 June 2016

Adyen/Mews Merchant Updates

Mews Merchant: we launched our own payment gateway, allowing hotels to onboard at the time of contracting, rather than a 2-month process having to deal with they payment gateway directly. This was one step closer for Mews to become a full one-stop-shop for hoteliers.

This update included some great new features for all payment gateways:

  • Possibility to refund directly from Mews Commander
  • If a hotel posts a refund directly in the Payment Gateway, this is also imported into Mews automatically
  • Hotels receive e-mail notifications in case of charge-back requests
  • Seamless switch possible to quickly migrate to another payment gateway, giving hoteliers freedom of choice in gateway
  • We seamlessly integrated the Mews Merchant product in the Distributor, so that the booking journey is not interrupted by a payment screen on an external page.

Billing Print Quality: improved the quality of the printed hotel logos on bills

Batch Check-out Report Improvements

  • Added possibility to display customer and reservations notes
  • Possibility to select a sub-set of reservations to check-out only
  • Possibility to quickly select/deselect all bookings
  • Improved the speed of the batch check-out

Contextual Help Screens

We added contextual help buttons on all reports and configuration screens. Clicking on the question mark on any screen takes you straight to the section in the guide that explains that specific page. This should help hotels in getting to know the full functionality and possibilities of the Mews Commander.

17 June 2016

Distributor - Alternative Dates

If a guest visits the Mews booking engine, and on the selected dates the hotel does not have availability, we now offer 4 alternative date options to see if the customer is flexible in their travel dates.

Translation Tool

We developed a great translation tool for the system, this allows quick and fast translation of the system, and ensuring translations are released to the live system within 7 working days if needed. The Mews Commander PMS is now available in:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Czech
  • Russian
  • Portugese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Georgian
  • Turkish

1 June 2016

Search Box Upgrade

We released a significant upgrade to the old search box. The new search box is sorting results across 6 sub-groups, allowing different departments in the hotel to quickly find the booking/bill/guest they are looking for. The 6 main groups in which data is broken up:

  • Guest Profiles
  • Reservations
  • Groups
  • Bills
  • Travel Agents
  • Rooms

Within each sub-group, the system further filters results from the most relevant (on top) to the least relevant. Additionally you can load more search results (previously we only displayed 20 results) if there are for example many "John Smith's" in your hotel.

Watch a 10 minute video explaining the full functionality: https://vimeo.com/192749650