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  • Invoicing / Accounts Receivable - Previously when you closed an invoice, you were able to only mark an invoice as paid, but the physical money was not posted in Mews. This update will now improve this functionality, and instead of just marking the invoice, we also track the invoice-debt and allow you to then post the physical payment when it comes in to your bank account. Some important notes:
    • In order to activate this, switch on the option in settings called “Invoice Payment Tracking enabled."
    • Closing the invoice works in the same way, and the invoice also looks exactly the same as before.
    • Once the invoice is closed, we post an “invoice-debt” on the guest account with the payment date on the “due date." Should no payment be received after the due date, the account will pop up in the Guest Ledger as “to be resolved.”
    • Once you receive the money, simply go to the guest account, post the payment, and close the bill. This will generate a bill which you can then provide to the customer as proof of their payment.
  • Czech Market - EET (Fiscal Printers) Integration - Thanks to the Mews integration, hotels who use our PMS don't need to buy expensive fiscal machines in order to follow the law requirements of the Czech government. Just couple of easy steps make sure that every credit card and cash payment is directly communicated to the authorities. For more information contact us at
  • Automatic Deposit Settlement - With the EET integration, we also introduced Automatic Deposit Settlement which will be appreciated not only by hotels in Czech Republic but also in every country where by law it is required to pay VAT at the time of payment (and not consumption). With this new feature you can set the system up so that every non-refundable booking that comes in is automatically handled with the deposit posted and payment billed. For more information, you can watch the video we prepared for this functionality video.


  • Offer to Employee Option for Stay Services Products - Another tickbox was added to the options in the product settings in Stay Services. When the "Offer to Employee" option is selected, it will be possible for the staff to add this product via the New Reservation Screen. This is great for upsell purposes that the staff can offer to customers when creating a reservation. On the other hand, there are some package items that are automatically added to the rates and these don't need to be visible in the New Reservation Screen (e.g. complimentary bottle of champagne or ticket to a museum which is applicable only for a specific package).
  • Re-sending of Confirmation and Cancellation Emails - With the latest update you are now able to resend confirmation emails (through the E-mail tab in Reservation Management) - even to customers who are already checked in or out. Additionally, when there is a cancelled booking and the customer requests the re-send of the e-mail, you can do so as well.
  • Report Export Update - With the Customer Profiles Report now being exported to e-mail, all of the exports of reports in Mews are now handled this way.
  • Exchange Rate Screen Improved - Thanks to the latest update, setting up exchange rates is much more user friendly. You are now able to set it up both ways - either set up so that 1 EUR = 27 CZK or that 27 CZK = 1 EUR.