Release Notes

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  • New Integrations - Another important update is a great number of new integrations which have been implemented in the past two months towards Mews by external partners. See below the ones that have recently been completed or due to complete shortly:
    • LodgIQ - Revenue Management: you may not have heard yet of this revenue management system, but its worth looking at this solution as we were really impressed what they have built within 1 year of launching their product.
    • RoomChecking - Housekeeping Management: some of the larger hotels have larger housekeeping planning requirements than Mews can offer, therefore we have integrated with this advanced service, which is solely focused on improving housekeeping departments all around.
    • Intelecom - Check-in Kiosks: tested in a number of Mews hotels who have introduced check-in kiosks in their lobby or outside of the hotel (like an ATM) helping save significant costs and preventing queues at reception (or during night shifts, when there are lower staffing levels available)
    • UpsellGuru - Sell Upgraded Rooms: a service that contacts your guests prior to arrival and offers them paid upgrades, or any other service. A really great way to increase your revenue and ADR.
    • SnapShot - Data Analytics: this free tool is a great visual tool that helps combine and analyse a multitude of hotel system reports into 1 dashboard, helping you quickly analyse pickup trends, performance trends, online reviews, website performance, etc.
    • Juyo - Revenue Management: a tool that combines great data analytics and reports, and build rate recommendation based on your data. (They are also working on a solution for hostels)
    • MailChimp - CRM: if you would like to maintain a mailing list of guests, we work with an external partner who is able to connect you to Mews.
    • Revinate - Marketing: we already had a connection with their reputation management, and the connection is now getting an upgrade to also allow a connection to Revinate Marketing
    • Untill - Point Of Sales: this company offer a multitude of solutions for restaurants and resort hotels (guests can pay with their room key), we have a connection built via an external partner.


  • Report Exports Update - In the last months we have worked hard on upgrading the service to allow larger exports from the system. We have just released this service to the most used reports, and will add more reports weekly until all exports have migrated. The reports we implemented first:
    • Reservations Report
    • Accounting Report
    When you now press “Export” on these reports, it will run the job in the background and send the export to you by e-mail. There are three main benefits: Firstly, we can run these exports on another server, so it does not impact the system speed. Secondly, you can run significantly larger exports and it will not time out. And thirdly, as the report is running you can continue using the system, and the report will be sent to you automatically.
  • Allotment Production of a Travel Agent/Company - Some hotels still work with allotments and requested some reporting to quickly see the pickup in an easy overview, to check if they should close out or open availability depending on their contracts. For this reason we have added a company and travel agent selection to the Occupancy Report, to quickly see an overview of booked spaces by this agent in the future.
  • Added Export to Activity Report - One of the most forward-thinking reports we have in Mews is the Activity Report where you can identify peaks in operations and booking trends. We added an option to export this report to Excel.