Release Notes

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  • Report Export Update - We have added the following reports to the "Background Reports" being sent to the user's e-mail address:
    • Guest Ledger
    • Manager Report
    • Activity Report
    • Spent Nights Report
    Space blocks: We've added a new section in the search results list fr space blocks, which allows you to find rooms that are placed out of order or blocked for house use more easily. We have also added a new section for house use blocks to the Guests in House Report. System notifications: We have also introduced new notification messages. Previously, the notifications blocked an entire row at the top of the screen, but we have now make the blocks smaller and more user friendly. We have also changed the "success" color from blue to green. Automatic checkout update: For properties that have automatic checkout enabled in the system, balanced bills will now be automatically closed at the same time.


  • Notification Settings for Service Orders - We've upgraded the notification about service orders (for example, when a booking is made via the booking engine). Previously, it was only possible to e-mail one employee about the order. Now, you can inform as many employees as you wish about service orders. To do this:
    • First, create a department in Mews (Configuration > Departments) for these notifications (i.e. Reservations).
    • Then go to the profile of each employee, and assign them to this department.
    • Lastly, go to the settings of the specific service, ensure that the option "order generates e-mail" is selected, and select the department that you would like to inform about each order that is made.