Release Notes

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  • Different identity documents - With the latest update, when filling up the customer profiles (both in Mews Commander and Mews Navigator) you and your guests will now be able to choose what kind of document they are using. The possibilities are the following: Driver’s license, ID card, Passport, and Visa. This will help the accuracy of the data stored.
  • Spain and Portuguese Police reports - Automatic police reports for Spanish and Portuguese hotels were added to the system. Any hotel that wishes to have these reports being automatically exported from the system may set it up by going to Main Menu > Settings > Integrations > Create new integration > Legal environment > Spain/Portugal police integration. The guides on how to set up the integrations can be found on the setup page within Mews Commander (as mentioned above) and also here (Spain) and here (Portugal).
  • Send confirmations to OTA reservations - It is now possible to send confirmations to reservations coming from the channel manager. Originally, this wasn't allowed as there are often separate confirmation emails being sent by the individual OTAs. However, we understand that some properties wish to personalize emails in the "Mews" style also for the reservations coming from channels. You can set it up by going to Main Menu > Settings > Services > Stay > Options > Visit Options > Send confirmation e-mail to channel reservations.
  • Rate scraping of competitors - Some time ago we disabled the Competitor section of the Rate Management screen. Unfortunately, there was no easy way to maintain the high standards for this functionality we and our hotels have. We are currently in talks with an external integration partner who specializes in this field and we're hoping to be able to provide you with this functionality soon.


  • Assign reservation to an Overbooking slot - Assigning rooms during busy periods can be quite a challenge. To help you with that we have now created the possibility to assign a reservation to an Overbooking slot. This will it make easier for you to move reservation on the timeline so you can “fill in the gaps” and use the best way the capacity of your property.
  • Telephone field in Customer creation screen - Since many of your bookings come over the phone, you will now be able to add the phone number when creating a new customer profile in the New Reservation screen which will simplify the process of creating reservations.