Release Notes

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  • Status of the Reservation in Billing - This new feature will surely help the front office to manage billing for guests who have multiple bookings. Now you will be able to see which bookings are checked-in, which are in the future, and which have already happened.
  • OK Button in Reports - We've merged the OK and Export button in the reports. This will help users to easily choose whether they want to view the report or export it with one button. Additionally, when you click enter while selecting the dates, it will automatically display the chosen report and its filters.
  • New Mode in Financial Transactions Report - Clients using the Mews Merchant will now see some additional State tickboxes: Charged and Settled. When you run the report using the Charged state, you will see only those payments that were charged but not yet settled which will give an overview of the transactions.
  • New Zooming Option on the Timeline - This will be appreciated by anyone who uses Mews on a mobile device. In the Action Bar, there are now new buttons that will help you to zoom-in and zoom-out easily on any device.