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11 july 2018

We've redesigned the release notes page to provide more insight into the evolution of the Mews platform. We've also introduced external revenue outlets to our reports and extended the functionality of the Google Tag Manager integration. Read below for more information about what was updated this week.


  • Introduced outlets in Commander, which allow you to track revenue from external sources.
  • Introduced an extension to our Google Tag Manager integration to include advanced e-commerce options such as funnel tracking, coupon tracking, and marketing conversion data.


  • Added a 'Nights in Interval' section to the Reservation Report, which can be seen in 'Totals' mode when filtered by 'In house.'
  • Redesigned the release notes page, so now it is even easier to see what's new, improved, or recently fixed by our developers at Mews.
  • Introduced a new integration between Mews and Lightspeed. For existing Lightspeed connections, your settings will be gradually migrated to the new version. With this new integration, full revenue push is now available.
  • Added an option to the Reservation module allowing you to manually resend After End e-mails once customers have departed.
  • Improved bill rebates to include the original bill number on each item line.
  • Redesigned the rate comparison box using light and dark themes to match your Distributor preferences.


  • Fixed the Spanish police report so that it is exported in the correct file format.