Release Notes

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  • Additional filter in Customer Statistics report - Within our Customer Statistics report, we have added an additional filter that allows users to narrow their results by customers arriving, colliding, departing, or in house.
  • Notifications for failed commands - As device commands are crucial to property operations, it is also important to know if they are not successful. Therefore, we've introduced user notifications for all failed device commands, so that any problems can be solved quickly without interrupting your enterprise. You can also find this information in the Device Command Queue, which has now been added to the Main Menu for easy access.
  • Special events in timeline and Rate Management - Update your property's timeline and rate management screen with all your special occasions. Navigate to your main property settings and look for 'Calendar events' to enter anything noteworthy. Event count will then appear in the top section of the timeline and rate management screen next to the corresponding dates. You can also hover over these numbers to view event details.
  • View additional employee details - Our employee overview page is a great tool for managers to quickly check each person's platform privileges. Most of these settings can be viewed by hovering over the 'Admin' column, but we've added additional fields for a more complete summary of rights. Now, you can also view Department, Cashier access, and all additional rights, listed under the 'Options' column.
  • Filter Group bookings in accounting report - Navigate to our accounting report, and under the 'Group by' filter, you can now select an additional option labeled 'Group'. This filter allows you to view your property's group reservations organized by their group name for easier reporting.
  • Alternate availability calculation option - Previously, in case of overbookings, those extra reservations would transfer to your next available space categories, and those numbers would automatically reflect in your availability calculation system-wide. In addition to that previous method, we are introducing an alternate method of calculating your property's availability data. Navigate to your general stay settings and under the 'Availability calculation strategy' field, select 'Discrete' if you would like to prevent overbookings from affecting the vacancy of any space categories that were not originally selected.


  • Improved reservation report export - Within our Reservation report export, we have changed the format of Channel manager details for clarification. Rather than the single column including all origin data, you will now find that it's split into three different columns, titled 'Channel manager ID', 'Group channel manager ID', and 'Group channel confirmation number'.