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  • Invoice Handling and Accounting Ledger Fine Tuning - Today's update finalized the changes in invoices handling that was introduced earlier this month. The option that allows you to track the invoice-debts and physical money coming to your bank account was previously called “Invoice Payment Tracking enabled." However, in the light of the change, we've renamed it to "Receivable Tracking Enabled." Following the same logic, the Accounting Ledger's mode, known previously as "Accounts Receivable," is now called just "Receivables." For those hotels that do not track the invoices directly in Mews and prefer to have the above mentioned option deselected, we have removed the remaining source of confusion. When the invoice is issued, the status of this invoice will remain "Issued" instead of "Issued,Unpaid" and "Issued,Paid" (once the due date has arrived).