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  • Brand New reservation screen - As we have more and more chains using Mews, we understand the need to create bookings in one spot for multiple properties. Some time ago we have implemented this functionality for our booking engine Mews Distributor and now it was time for direct bookings in Mews Commander. You will now be able to switch between the current New reservation screen and the new one which allows you to select in which property of the chain the reservation should be made. Click here to watch our video about the new reservation screen.
  • Delete Room Categories - Improve and consolidate your property settings by deleting old or unused room categories. Click on the title of the unwanted category, look for the trash can icon, confirm deletion, and your list will be updated in no time.
  • Release notes notifications - To keep the everyone informed, users will now receive a notification with a link to our updated release notes every time that we introduce new changes or features.
  • Products Hierarchy - To help clarify structure of both products and product categories, you can now find them displayed together on the same page. With the new hierarchical view, products within each category will be visible underneath their respective parent categories. Product overview pages also now include additional columns for method of charging and tax rate.


  • Consolidation of Orders - Our orders page has been reorganized to display data in a more logical fashion. The state of each order will be displayed with a color-coded state badge, and the created column has been merged with creator. You can also hover over the state badge to see time of state change and who is responsible for the change.
  • Export Schedule Clarification - While creating a new export schedule, interval is used to define the timespan of the data included in each export. To simplify your export schedule creation, we've added some more helpful hints to the description of each interval. Open the drop-down list to see each interval with a brief description just below each option.
  • Group Confirmation Summary - Group confirmation e-mails have been improved to contain a more clear and concise summary, including total number of reservations, total number of guests, and total cost.
  • No-show room status change - In case of no-show reservations and therefore no customer being checked in, that reservation's assigned room status will no longer change to dirty overnight.
  • Improved visa requirements - Visitors to the Czech Republic from countries that require visas will now be prompted for that required information during the online check-in process.