Release Notes

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  • Automatic Checkout - Today, we introduced a new, automatic checkout feature (similar to automatic check-in) which will once again lessen the amount of work your staff needs to do. The system will periodically check all reservation departures and automatically check out those that had a departure time in the checked period. This is helpful in ensuring smooth departure procedures at large properties with limited staff at reception.


  • Report Exports Update - In the last MewsFlash we informed you that we introduced background exports for the Reservation Report and Accounting Report, which are sent to the user's e-mail address. As of today, there are two new reports also working in this way:
    • Occupancy Report
    • Financial Transactions Report
  • Print Button Moved - One of our aims is to unify each screen in Mews Commander. Another step toward this goal is the unification of the position of a print button. Now, you will always find it in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Backup Reports Sent Twice a Day - Backup Reports are now sent twice a day: at 2 AM and 2 PM.