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16 AUGUST 2018

We released a new and improved rate comparison box, added the ability to assign tasks to specific employees, and updated the system to require personal information from only the necessary number of companions for your legal environment.


  • Introduced a new rate comparison box for Distributor. Use this box to highlight discounts on reservations made through your website in comparison to the higher prices available on competitors' sites.
  • Updated the system to require personal information from only the necessary number of companions, as specified by your legal environment. Although currently just available in Commander, this functionality will soon be extended to Operator and Navigator as well.


  • Added the option to assign a task to a specific employee.
  • Added an option to filter items in the Exports Queue by the employee who created the export.
  • Added an option to filter the Reservation Report by group name.
  • Updated the legal environments for the Netherlands, Australia, and the UK to require personal information from only one companion per reservation.
  • Extended the Hotek integration, so you can create either physical or mobile keys for guests.
  • Updated the French legal environment to include a copy count on all printed bills.


  • Improved functionality of shared reservation notes so that they are able to be edited even when only one or some of the reservations are selected.
  • Fixed the Reservation Report so that all related data for canceled nights is displayed when the Canceled filter is selected.
  • Fixed the passport scanner integration so that usage is not restricted for any Mewser.
  • Fixed currency formatting inconsistencies in the Google Tag Manager integration for Distributor.