Release Notes

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  • Updates for spain, denmark, and germany - For Spanish properties, we have added the possibility to select States / Provinces when Spain is selected as country; you are now able to print the Registration Card onto A5 paper including all fields which are mandatory for Spain; and second last name now appears by default on the Registration Card. For Denmark and Germany, changes have been made to VAT postings for No shows and Cancellations; selecting No Show will post a cancellation fee with tax, any other reasons will post without tax.
  • Print Companion Registration Cards - We now provide the option to print the Registration Card for all Companions on a reservation. Please select "Print Empty" from the Registration Card configuration Page.


  • Quotation/Confirmation Emails are condensed for Groups - When sending a Quotation / Confirmation e-mail to a Group, we will condense the e-mail so that the receiver gets a summary of the reservations made, instead of having all the names mentioned on the e-mail.
  • Highlight Open Payment - We have added a tick-box onto the Accounting Ledger to show open payments if they desire so. Some countries use deposits and may wish to see payments made in the Accounting Ledger. If so, please use this tick-box to show open payments.