Release Notes

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  • Undo check-in - It may sometimes happen that a guest is checked-in by accident. For this reason, we've now introduced the possibility to undo check-in in the Reservation module. All you need to do is to fill in the reason (which will be then displayed in the Action log) and you can check-in the guest again in the future.
  • Checking out balanced reservation doesn't close the bill automatically - Some properties do not wish the system to automatically close the balanced bill when it is being checked out. For that purpose, we've introduced new tickbox under the Services > Stay where you can decide whether you want to Close balanced bills on check-out.


  • Competitor chart in the Revenue management screen - We realized that the chart with the chart of the price levels of your competitors against your own was a little outdated so we've worked hard on a new much cleaner design that we hope you are going to love.
  • Easier and faster moving with your mouse on the timeline - To move quickly around the timeline, you just need to click on the mouse button, keep it pressed down and move it to the right or to the left. The further you move the mouse, the faster it will allow you to navigate on the Timeline.