Release Notes

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  • Calendar events in Occupancy and Availability - If you've already been using calendar events on your timeline and rate management screen, you'll now find that they're visible in our Occupancy and Availability Reports as well. Hover over the numbers by each date to see details about those events. If you'd like more info, feel free to read our article about calendar events!
  • Specify Channel confirmation ID - When creating a reservation that was booked via a travel agency, we have added an additional optional field to our New Reservation Screen where you can specify a Channel confirmation ID if applicable. This number will then be displayed on invoices and in reservation details. For further guidance, you can check out our New Reservation Screen article.
  • View Channel Manager Queue - To ease your operations, enterprise admins now have access to view their Channel Manager Queue directly through the Main Menu. Navigate here to keep track of your change notifications, inventory pushes, and reservation data.
  • View Export Queue - To create more transparency, admins can now access your property's Export Queue directly from the Main Menu. Here, you can see the status of all your exports and download any processed items as needed.
  • Reason for cancellation - Sometimes guests simply cancel bookings directly with no further reason provided, so for these occasions, we've added a new cancellation reason called 'Requested by guest`.


  • Hover to see your local currency - After receiving valuable feedback from our Mewsers regarding the redesign of the New Reservation screen, we've brought back an old feature that was missed. Once again, you can hover over rates to view them in your default currency (if they're not already).


  • Marketing Opt-out by default - Previously, customers were asked to indicate if they would like to opt-out of marketing updates, however, now all guests are automatically opted-out of these updates by default. Instead, guests can now indicate whether they'd like to opt-in and receive updates as they complete their registration cards.