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17 October 2018

We introduced virtual card smart detection, allowing the system to easily differentiate between physical and virtual cards. We also implemented a new integration for Spanish properties, created the Inventory Updates Queue, and added a new option to your channel manager settings.


  • Introduced virtual card smart detection, which allows the system to easily differentiate between physical and virtual cards. You can start benefiting from the smart detector today by deselecting the "Issues virtual credit cards" option in your travel agency contracts.
  • Implemented the INE integration for Spanish properties, a monthly XML exporter that includes information about your occupancy and rates.
  • Created the Inventory Updates Queue, which allows you to easily track changes in your inventory.
  • Added an option to the channel manager integration settings that allows you to choose how reservation modifications are handled when the original reservation cannot be found. If enabled—which it is by default—the modification triggers a new reservation to be automatically created; if disabled, your property will receive an email informing you of the modification so that the reservation can be created manually.


  • Updated Navigator so that personal information is only requested from the number of companions required by your legal environment.
  • Updated the time of consumption for reserved nights to always match the reservation start time.
  • Updated the reservation module to include information about the payment cards attached to that reservation.
  • Automated the process of updating channel managers when changes are made to your space configuration.
  • Updated the British, Irish, Austrian, and Hungarian legal environments so that VAT is paid at the time of payment rather than consumption. As a result, the VAT rate on deposits has also been updated to match the rate attached to your accommodation service.
  • Improved the readability of text in Distributor when the dark theme is applied.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented non-admin users from taking payments with a Payworks terminal.
  • Fixed a bug in the Reservation Overview that prevented online check-ins from being displayed in green.
  • Fixed a bug in the Payment Report that caused the total value of a payment to be listed in the Refund column rather than the Value column.