Release Notes

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  • Automated Preauthorizations - Automate your payments with more flexibility using additional settings for automatic preauthorization charging. Within each rate group, look for an additional field labeled 'Settlement action', where you can choose to either automatically 'Charge credit cards` on file or 'Create a preauthorization' to be processed later at the time of your choosing. Watch our video about automating your preauthorizations.
  • Keyboard shortcuts - Complete all identity document details quickly and easily using brand new keyboard shortcuts. Use the 'TAB' key to switch to the next field or 'SHIFT + TAB' to navigate back. For drop-down menus and datepickers, use the 'ARROW' keys to select from the options and use the 'ENTER' key to make the your selections. When you've returned to the customer profile, while the '+' button is highlighted, simply press the 'ENTER' button again to add additional identity documents as needed.


  • Group filters in Reservation report - Viewing options for group reservations has been improved within our reservation report. In the 'Group by' filter, you can select 'Group' to view your bookings with group name as the section titles. Results are also ordered by group size from smallest to largest for easy classification.