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18 December 2018

We added support for preauthorizations in the Payworks integration. We also added an option in Commander that allows you to set up canceled item accounting categories for individual products.



  • Added the option to filter your list of restrictions by exception type.
  • Added the Billing code field to company and customer profiles, so invoice recipients can easily identify where an invoice is coming from.
  • Updated key cutter functionality for all door lock integrations so that you can now create duplicate keys for guests arriving at different times.
  • Updated the process of requesting access to an integration in the Marketplace by including your contact details in the request sent to integrators.
  • Improved the process of adding companion information in Navigator during online check-in.
  • Updated the Colombian legal environment so that a VAT rate of 0% is automatically applied to cancellation and no-show fees.


  • Fixed a bug that caused cancellation fees to be applied after optional reservations were canceled.