Release Notes

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  • Introduction of Refund Accounting Category for Products - Currently any Product refunds are picked up the Refund Accounting Category of the respective Service. We have now implemented the possibility for each Product to have its own Accounting Category Refund. If you wish to use this functionality, please go into your Products and assign the correct Refund Category.


  • Unification of Location of Stay e-mail Notifications - We have unified the location of the Stay e-mail notifications (the possibility to automatically send emails such as check-in / check -out e-mails). We now store them all under Stay Services (Settings > Stay> Options).
  • Select Default Counter - You may now select a Default Counter from the Settings > Counters menu.
  • To Be Resolved added to the Accounting Ledger - We have added a label called " To Be Resolved" onto the Accounting Ledger. For those hotels who use deposits, it will give you an overview of all guests that have paid a deposit, but where the revenue has not been posted.