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  • Automatic Posting of Stay Services - We have released an update to the way we allow automatic charging of Stay Services. This new feature will bring greater automation to your property as any stay charges may now be collected prior to arrival, speeding up the check in process and enhancing the guest experience. Note that the use of Adyen or the Mews Merchant must be enabled to use this functionality. Not a user yet? Please contact us for more information on this product. You are now able to charge all Stay services automatically, without manual intervention. These stay services may be charged on:
    • The date of creation
    • The start day of the reservation
    • The end day of the reservation
    We have also added in a "Settlement Offset," which will allow you to charge before or after the chosen period. As an example, an offset of -1 will charge 1 day prior to arrival.
  • Update to the Cancellation Policies - Our cancelation policies have been redesigned to allow for easier creation and understanding of the policy. It follows the same logic as written above whereby offsets may be applied to specific times for enforcing cancellation policies.We have also added the possibility to charge just the night, just the product, or both. Have a look at our short video for a detailed explanation!