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22 AUGUST 2018

We introduced graphical charts for some of your favorite reports, making it even easier to analyze your data. We also redesigned the rate selection process in Distributor and added the ability to modify tax IDs on closed bills and invoices.


  • Added graphical charts to the Customer Statistics Report and Payment Report, which help you to easily interpret your data.
  • Redesigned the rate selection process in Distributor to increase your conversions. Now it's cleaner, simpler, and even easier to navigate.


  • Added an opt-in checkbox to Navigator, which prompts guests to explicitly indicate whether or not they wish to receive marketing emails.
  • Revised and updated our default mail templates to guarantee that all correspondence with guests is clear, concise, and professional.
  • Added a new field to closed bills and invoices, which allows you to add or modify the tax identification number.