Release Notes

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  • Unification of the colors throughout the system - As you may know, we are very careful with using different colors in the system and each color always need to have a reason. With this week's deploy, the colors of different room states will now match in Commander web app as well as in Housekeeping app. "Dirty" will now be indicated by blue instead of orange; "clean" will be indicated by green instead of blue; and "out of service" will be indicated by orange instead of gray.
  • Automatic no-show handling - In Mews, there is no such thing as night audit which assures that the system automates as many thing as possible for you and still allows you to be flexible. After this week's release, system will also automatically handle no-shows by cancelling them at 6 AM every morning (if you select this optionality in Settings > Services > Options > Automatic no show cancellation enabled) or at the end of the Editable history window setup in your hotel. It is necessary to have relevant cancellation policies set-up as the system will be automatically posting cancellation fee based on the setup.


  • Credit card report - To see all the credit cards created within specific time span and to be able to identify e.g. what types of credit cards are being created and stored or how many preauthorizations were made. More information about this week's changes are available in the Mewsflash sent to your manager.