Release Notes

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  • Improved Message Menu - We have rebuilt the messaging screen in Mews Commander, making it more robust and easy to use. You will now see a "Threads" on the left hand side, allowing for easier conversation search. The layout of the message box has been improved and you are able to add additional people to a conversation on the right hand side.
  • Automatic no show resolution - In order to facilitate automation, the system will automatically turn reservations into No Shows if the guest has not been checked in by 6 AM the following day. By allowing this to take place, the entire reservation will be cancelled and a cancellation fee will be charged. If enabled, there is no more need for manual setting of no shows. This can be enabled in the Settings > Services > Stay > Options > Automatic no show cancellation enabled. Note: Automatic Check in and Automatic No Show can't be used in combination, one needs to be switched off if the other one is enabled.