Release Notes

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  • Added Creator details - Creation information has been clarified throughout the system. Now, for all items and throughout all reports, date and time is listed in addition to the name of the employee who created it.
  • Added Customer information - For easy reference and clarification, we've added an additional column for customer to our Fiscal Record report. Click on any name for a direct link to their customer profile.
  • Added Billing Notes - Billing notes are now visible within our Bills and Invoices report, meaning that any important details added during the payment process can be easily transferred to your accounting team with no additional copying and pasting.


  • Customized rate restrictions - Updated rate restrictions provide more customization options. Start and end dates are now optional fields so that restrictions can be created for permanent use. Additionally, date restrictions are now used only to prevent bookings within the selected interval. Please note that all restrictions currently being used by your property will be automatically migrated into this new restriction format.
  • Employee Table Improvement - Admins can now view crucial information from the main employees page. Hover over the 'Admin' column to view each employee's privileges. Additionally, you will see a column for e-mail address, and with our upcoming releases, the 'Authenticator' column will be used to indicate each employee's use of two-factor authentication.
  • Unified data labeling - The naming of all report filters has been unified and clarified throughout the system. Check our Reservation report, where you'll find added hints for each filter option.
  • Automatic settlement improvements - Customize your rate group settings by choosing which items to include in the automatic settlement of reservations. Use the 'Extent' field to include or exclude nights, products, or additional expenses in the settlement cost.