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  • Product Rules (Packages) - Today's update of the system brings you new functionality that will allow you to package products to rates for manual bookings and Distributor. In short, the system is now able to automatically attach products to a reservation with the help of setting rules based on four criteria:
    • Rate: If you want to for example create a rate inclusive of breakfast, we can automatically attach a breakfast to that specific rate when booked.
    • Business Segment: If a specific business segment is booked, you can attach a product. For example in some countries a city tax applies only to certain groups of guests (i.e. Leisure Guests)
    • Space Category: If you want to connect a product based on a specific room/bed-type. For example if guests who stay in suites get a complimentary bottle of champagne.
    • Space Type: This is specific for hostels. For example some hostels offer breakfast inclusive for private rooms, but not for beds.
    You can watch a 10-minute video that explains this functionality here!