Release Notes

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  • Updates to Adyen and Mews Merchant - We have launched our own payment gateway, Mews Merchant, allowing hotels to onboard at the time of contracting, rather than a 2-month process having to deal with the payment gateway directly. This brings us one step closer to becoming a full one-stop-shop for hoteliers. This update includes some great new features for all payment gateways:
    • Ability to refund directly from Mews Commander
    • If a hotel posts a refund directly in the payment gateway, this is also imported into Mews automatically
    • Hotels receive e-mail notifications in case of charge-back requests.
    • Seamless switch possible to quickly migrate to another payment gateway, giving hoteliers freedom of choice in gateway.
    • We seamlessly integrated the Mews Merchant product in the Distributor, so that the booking journey is not interrupted by a payment screen on an external page.
  • Contextual Help Screens - We've added help buttons on all reports and configuration screens. Clicking the question mark on any screen takes you straight to the related guide article. This should help hotels in getting to know the full functionality and possibilities of the Mews Commander.


  • Billing Print Quality - Improved the quality of the printed hotel logos on bills.
  • Batch Checkout Report Improvements -
    • Added possibility to display customer and reservations notes.
    • Possibility to select a sub-set of reservations to check-out only.
    • Possibility to quickly select/deselect all bookings.
    • Improved the speed of the batch check-out.